Translation of roast in Spanish:


asado, adj.

Pronunciation /roʊst/ /rəʊst/

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  • 1

    (pork/chicken/potatoes) (al horno) asado
    (coffee) tostado
    (coffee) torrefacto
    (corn/chestnuts) (in US) asado
    (corn/chestnuts) (in US) a la(s) brasa(s)


  • 1

    • 1.1(roasted meat)

      (al horno) asado masculine
      • Featured under this brand are steaks, roasts, ground meat, patties and prepared chili.
      • For best quality, cook ground bison within two days of purchase, and steaks and roasts within three to five days.
      • He loaded me up with six dozen huge brown eggs, a jar of homemade pear jam, and three packages of steaks and roasts - all in exchange for driving him.
      • ‘The strong economy has allowed a lot more people to switch from the roasts and hamburger to higher-end cuts,’ Orn says.
      • They also found that higher levels of marbling were preferred for loin steaks but discounted in chuck roasts.
      • The refrigerated pre-cooked roasts can be microwaved in minutes.
      • The beef we eat, like steaks, roasts and ground beef, is safe.
      • If you want ground beef, buy boneless roasts and have your butcher grind them or grind them yourself.
      • Now the industry is offering consumers a good-tasting roast that is mircowaveable in seven minutes and has potatoes and carrots with it, he said.
      • Conversely, consumers were more likely to shop at supermarkets when purchasing roasts than other meat products.
      • I would answer your question with the scene in which Angela burns the roast she was preparing for dinner.
      • When Delia takes David home to meet the family, pork roast is on the menu.
      • Push the vegetables from the skewers and arrange them around the lamb loin roast.
      • Season the pork roast with the 1 tsp. cumin, salt and pepper.
      • The chef would prepare a marinated roast with whipped potatoes and French cut green beans.
      • Sear each side of the roast for two minutes or until golden brown.
      • Brown all sides of the roast in shallow roasting pan on low to medium heat.
      • Immediately, the smell of a delicious roast filled the room.
      • At the festival, the neighboring farm families brought delicious roasts and vegetables and pies and cakes and lemonade.
      • He would sharpen a knife for a full five minutes before carving the roast.

    • 1.2(uncooked meat)

      trozo de carne para asar masculine

  • 2US informal

    (grilling, teasing)
    the club holds an annual roast of one of its members cada año el club le gasta una broma pesada a uno de sus socios

transitive verb

  • 1

    (meat/potatoes/chestnuts) asar
    (coffee beans) tostar
    (coffee beans) torrefaccionar
    (peanuts) tostar
    to be roasted alive quemarse vivo
    • The pages for January show children sledding with homemade wooden sleds, roasting apples over an open fire and pulling taffy.
    • Menu trends often highlight roasted garlic, and the fiery food trend that has swept the nation has caused hot peppers to become well known to many consumers.
    • You can boil it or roast it over the fire, as you like.
    • Dairy-based dips have also become more flavor-diverse, incorporating ingredients such as roasted garlic and chipotle peppers.
    • The company recently launched its line of blanched and roasted organic almonds.
    • They mix several flavors to bring consumers chocolate and pistachio ice creams with fudge-covered almonds and lightly roasted pistachios.
    • Summer fruits are perfect as well as nuts, fresh roasted corn on the cob, homemade sweets, pies and cookies.
    • He may even know how to roast a succulent, spicy chicken.
    • Paul and Kat run back to camp and roast the goose.
    • He proves it by roasting a joint of Middle White pork and one from a supermarket - and Helen has the pleasure of sampling the crunchy crackling and tender meat of the old breed of pig.
    • But when the Peking duck arrives, he at last focuses on the food and watches in admiration as the waiters carve the roasted bird.
    • For instance, dips may contain chiles other than the familiar jalapeño, such as the chipotle (a smoked jalapeño) or habeñero type, or roasted vegetables such as onion, garlic or tomato.
    • He clutches a bag of roasted peanuts in one hand.
    • Niko's boasts an enormous menu with everything from roasted fish, to brick-oven pizzas.
    • Things were cooked in pans on racks over open fires, and meat was roasted on spits.
    • Natural sweetness, luscious texture and deep succulent flavor are the hallmarks of slowly roasted meats.
    • There were a few minutes of silence while they were all roasting their marshmallows.
    • Maybe we'll even roast some marshmallows when the coals get low enough.
    • Put it in the fridge to set, then use it for roasting potatoes.
    • Linwe chewed contentedly, her chicken roasted to perfection.
  • 2

    they were roasted for smoking les dieron un buen sermón por fumar
  • 3US

    (person) ridiculizar
    • As we witness the people of Xenon, their houses destroyed by the battle and nearly roasted by a volcano, we are supposed to feel pity for these gamers and the loss of the computer system that caused the destruction.
    • On Monday I got roasted in the sun in Taunton.
    • There's nothing better than seeing a celebrity get roasted, especially by a master such as Groucho.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (meat) asarse
    • After the lamb has been roasting for an hour, open the oven and add potatoes and white onions.
    • We were avoided by all the staff we saw and astonished at the lavish spread laid out for brunch, including an enormous cow on a spit, roasting in preparation for the evening's event.
    • Oval, with smooth, white-to-buff skin and white flesh, these are ideal for roasting, steaming, or boiling.
    • An old woman churns butter, while a woman in the foreground prepares a fowl for roasting and a third man spits a chicken at the far right.
    • They all climbed down and hurried back to their fires where meat was roasting tenderly.
    • And being the over-the-top Chinese parents they are, they had a whole suckling pig roasting on a spit.
    • Lighter asked the question, gesturing to the meat roasting on the fire.
    • Within minutes the two fowl were roasting slowly over the flames.
    • By the time a slab of venison was roasting over the coals it was a glowing, glossy tan.
  • 2 informal

    (be hot)
    asarse (de calor) informal
    I'm roasting in this sweater me estoy asando con este suéter