Translation of robbery in Spanish:


robo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɑb(ə)ri/ /ˈrɒb(ə)ri/

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nounplural robberies

  • 1

    robo masculine
    asalto masculine
    • England and Wales already have the highest levels of burglaries, car thefts, assaults and robberies in the industrialised world.
    • The story concerns a criminal gang called The Vampires, mysterious and resourceful, that terrorizes France with a succession of swindles, robberies, and murders.
    • She has been framed by the gangsters and is wanted for several armed robberies.
    • We had burglaries and robberies and car prowls and thefts and domestic violence cases that to my way of thinking deserved much higher priority.
    • Something tells me that the federal sentencing standards are tougher on Post Office robberies than supermarket stick-ups.
    • Along with his gang of loyal criminals, he commits daring daylight robberies and elaborate heists that anger the police while stirring the public's imagination.
    • Players who had built virtual world empires were experiencing virtual world crime - online muggings and robberies in effect.
    • I do indeed find political aspects to some robberies, but note that most were not directed against symbolic targets.
    • A pair of London hoodlums, rejected by the established criminal set, execute a spate of robberies which finally results in the death of a policeman.
    • He suggests that the Balestreros find proof-positive alibis for their whereabouts during all of the robberies Manny has been accused of committing.
    • Instead of being a two-bit con man, he became a bank robber, pulling off more than 25 robberies, sometimes two in one day.
    • Sadly, there are no bar fights, bank robberies or jailbreaks in this film.
    • As a child, he runs wild with his father and acts as an accomplice during various house robberies.
    • The extended takes during the robberies allow us to live with the characters for a few minutes, see into their tension, precision, and euphoria.
    • Other extras that should have been included are more actual footage of the event, a look at the weapons used, and perhaps a look at the boldest bank robberies ever.
    • Together, they begin a series of train robberies that makes them famous throughout the South.
    • The result was a one-third reduction in the number of robberies and a general diminution of other anti-social incidents.
    • He plans the first robbery in Venice, which involves the theft of gold ingots worth $35 million.
    • A taciturn man, Olivier still grieves for his son, who was murdered during an attempted car robbery some years before.
    • As he learns, the murders were a cover up for the diamond robbery that took place that night.