Translation of robin in Spanish:


petirrojo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɑbən/ /ˈrɒbɪn/

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    (European) petirrojo masculine
    (N. American) ceón masculine
    (N. American) tordo norteamericano masculine
    • Migrating from northern Europe to the Iberian Peninsula's cork forests are blackcaps, finches, robins, and song thrushes.
    • In their study, the researchers compared two species of night-migratory songbirds - garden warblers and European robins - with two non-migratory songbirds - zebra finches and canaries.
    • As dawn breaks on a misty Welsh morning, the earliest birds to break into song are likely to include European robins, followed by blackbirds and song thrushes.
    • It worked, but only up to a point, for this year's bumper crop has been almost entirely eaten by a family of robins.
    • I'm told catnip keeps birds away from strawberries, and having lost most of mine to robins this year I'm going to try it.