Translation of rogue state in Spanish:

rogue state

estado villano, n.


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    estado villano masculine
    • National missile defense is very useful against rogue states or inadvertent launches by more responsible powers.
    • A nuclear North Korea rogue states are terrorists armed with dirty nukes.
    • Cuba has provided dual-use biotechnology to other rogue states.
    • No combination of world powers has been able or willing to hold this rogue state accountable for its transgressions.
    • The commissioner said it was not known whether weapons of mass destruction were falling into the hands of terrorists from rogue states.
    • The danger of nukes falling into wrong hands or being smuggled to other rogues states is an over increasing reality.
    • Experts warn the base's use for the US missile defence system will make it a target for "rogue states" or terrorists.
    • More significantly, it first thrust the United States into the unsought role of enforcer of international law against rogue states in league with terrorists.
    • All this in a world where the biggest problem comes from terrorists and rogue states for whom treaties are meaningless.
    • The governor is a proponent of early deployment of missile defenses to meet the threat that is emerging and growing from rogue states.
    • The test sparked political outrage worldwide and heightened fears that the rogue state was close to becoming a nuclear power.
    • If nuclear attack by a rogue state were a real danger, it would be logical to develop a broad international response.
    • The dominant powers of the time - the US, Britain and Russia - saw Germany as a ' rogue state ' which must be crushed.
    • None of the so-called "rogue states" (Iran, Iraq, North Korea, etc) have any capacity what-so-ever to threaten the US.
    • The fact is that the war critics have nothing to offer on the single most urgent issue of our time - rogue states in pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.
    • Rogue states are dwindling in number and are weakened by flawed economic policies, isolation, and illegitimacy.
    • Rogue states on Europe's periphery pose potential threats to European interests as much as or more than to U.S. interests.
    • It is hard to imagine a more prudent form of prevention than this program to keep terrorists and rogue states from getting hold of the leftover Soviet arsenal.
    • In the future, and likelier than not, democratic regimes will be pitted against totalitarian regimes or leaders in "rogue states."
    • These weapons may also allow these states to attempt to blackmail the United States and our allies to prevent us from deterring or repelling the aggressive behavior of rogue states.