Translation of rood screen in Spanish:

rood screen

Pronunciation /ˈrud ˌskrin/ /ˈruːd skriːn/


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    mampara ornamentada que separa el coro de la nave
    • Not just any old rood screen - but probably the best rood screen in all of England.
    • Today the building has interesting features including stained glass windows, a carved rood screen, a pipe organ, a choir vestry and a beautifully carved pulpit.
    • He explains, moreover, the underlying meaning of chancel, altar, liturgy, rood and rood screen - their crucial role in separating parishioners from the stage and drama of the Mass.
    • His architectural work included not only the buildings but also the decorative elements within and without, with an emphasis on tiling, fireplaces, furniture and the rood screen.
    • Then there was William Dowsing, the official iconoclast who went around East Anglia ordering the destruction of rood screens and stained-glass windows.