Translation of roost in Spanish:


percha, n.

Pronunciation /rust/ /ruːst/


  • 1

    percha feminine
    palo masculine
    • High concentrations of the organism can be found in bird roosts, caves inhabited by bats, school yards, areas with rotten or decaying wood, and chicken coops.
    • A bald eagle glides by en route to its evening roost on the branch of a cottonwood tree.
    • Birds with permanent roosts became the couple's rather more distant but equally delightful acquaintances.
    • Shadows fluttered against the sunset as a few late birds fluttered to their roosts in the trees.
    • I heard a gobbler come out of its roost to join the birds welcoming in the dawn.
    • As the booms and bangs from the fireworks continued, thousands of startled birds, awoken prematurely from their roosts beneath bridges and enclaves in nearby buildings, dived and swerved to avoid the onlookers.
    • Chickens looked down on us from their roost in the branches of a mango tree.
    • In non-breeding season, starlings form large flocks capable of much noise and, well, let's just say you don't want to park your car under one of their roosts.
    • Before anyone else could say anything, the door burst open and the birds all screeched and flew to the top of the roost.
    • They are highly social birds, often gathering in the evenings, except during nesting season, in large roosts that sometimes harbor hundreds of birds.
    • Vandals have destroyed entire colonies in minutes, and urban expansion has eliminated thousands of natural roosts in caves and forests.
    • Bats are generally faithful to their roosts and a colony may use the same site year after year.
    • We hope the future will be one of plentiful, continuous, and widespread resources and undisturbed roosts for the welfare of our shared bat species, ecosystems, and ecological processes.
    • Evening counts of bats leaving the roosts ranged from 4 to 120 bats (probably more than one species roosted together).
    • Turkeys will change roost locations depending on where they stopped feeding for the day, but sometimes they will return to the same roost locations.
    • What would happen if a blackbird laid two eggs, one ending up in a condor's roost while the other lands in a human's egg basket?
    • Other ecological issues raised include the loss of hedgerows, bat roosts and habitats/feeding sites for various other species of birds and animals of conservation concern…
    • A great place to observe crows is at their winter roosts, which may range in size from hundreds or thousands to more than a million birds.
    • Winter roost sites used by between 20 and 40 bald eagles were damaged; in all, 40 animal and plant species in the immediate area saw their habitat damaged or destroyed by the fire.
    • He couldn't wait to get back to school so that he could tell his friends all about the bat roost in his house.

intransitive verb

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    (para pasar la noche) posarse
    • Faced with the blank white page, I tried to visualize the knoll where I sat, gazing across a broad area of the river to a point where some birds were roosting.
    • Birds roosted in the gables and in the huge old trees around the property.
    • It is a great feeling to see the birds roosting, the bees gathering honey… We follow the bee's path.
    • All the big trees that the bats are roosting on now are to be covered by nets to prevent birds from flying out of the new aviary.
    • The birds roosted in contaminated buildings and then flew through holes in the roofs to a garden in a nearby village where they were fed by bird-lovers.
    • During winter, these birds roost and forage on beaches, dunes, and sandy and muddy flats of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.
    • Our turkeys roost on our roof - and we do see tracks - huge ones!
    • At night, they feed on the birds as they roost or nest.
    • And everyone understands how it feels to watch birds coming in to roost as a sky darkens.
    • Some of them roost so very close together, and other birds like the curlews like roosting about a metre apart.
    • It talks about how many acres of wetlands it preserves, the biodiversity studies it funds, or the endangered species that roost on its properties.
    • Flocks of pigeons, disturbed from where they roosted on nests built seemingly in every available nook carved into the stone archways above, exploded into the air and began circling the towers in a sweeping rush of wings.
    • Besides a house and a tool shed, the other building on their small acreage was a chicken coop where the egg-laying hens roosted.
    • The eagles tend to roost in huge ponderosas in northeast-facing canyons among the hills that dot Wyoming's mile-high prairies.
    • Many birds like to feed in open areas but need protective cover to roost, nest, and raise their young.
    • I hesitated outside, listening to the spooky sounds of the pigeons roosting under the roof, but my dinner companions called me a coward and yanked open the door.
    • He spread his wings and flew to a tree, roosting on a branch.
    • Pigeons that roost in this 16th century temple have been hit by a mysterious disease, killing more than 2,000 of them in one week.
    • A great winter flock of starlings roosted in the trees around the clearing.
    • The young bird either roosts with its parents, perched in between them, or by itself some distance away.