Translation of rope in Spanish:


cuerda, n.

Pronunciation /roʊp/ /rəʊp/

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  • 1

    cuerda feminine
    soga feminine
    Nautical cabo masculine
    a rope of climbers una cordada
    • the rope la horca
    • a rope of pearls un collar de perlas
    • My eyes came to rest on a long strand of thick hemp rope, slightly frazzled but still in one piece.
    • A single strand of grass is easy to break, but if you weave enough of it together, you can get a nice, strong length of rope.
    • He stood up with about a two-foot length of hefty hemp rope in his hands.
    • He had noticed that the thick sisal rope which had snapped had been cut halfway through with a sharp instrument, probably a knife.
    • I tried to move my limbs only to find them restrained by what felt like thick strands of rope.
    • She nodded, and tiptoed to pull a length of thick rope from the back of the cart.
    • He pulled out a small length of thin nylon rope and a knife.
    • It was being pulleyed by several cords of thick rope overhead.
    • The fibers are twisted into ropes and sprayed with natural latex, which increases their elasticity.
    • They were linked by a great length of rope modestly coiled at both ends of the row.
    • Looming above was a great black ship, tethered to the inlet by several thick ropes disappearing into the deep, dark water.
    • Together, with Steve hauling on the rope and him climbing, he made it to the top of the cliff.

transitive verb

  • 1

    the climbers roped themselves together atar
  • 2US

    (steer/cattle) enlazar
    (steer/cattle) lazar Mexico
    (steer/cattle) lacear Chile
    • They rope his hand and attach the other end to a door bolt and leave the poor dolt there.
    • Nevertheless, as a precaution, the murderers roped their victims together and led them to a gully where any attempt to escape would be impeded before they went about their grisly business.
    • They built a little hut out of a tarp, then roped their plastic ponchos together and hung it between to trees to make a ceiling.
    • Ships were roped together in lines to face an enemy fleet and showers of arrows and missiles would have been exchanged.
    • They were roped together and a warder supervising them walked up and down with a rifle.
    • With a cord I always carried in my pocket just for such an occasion, I started to rope his hands together.
    • She had learned that local cowgirls wanted to compete in bronco riding, bull riding, roping events, and other professional contests, so she included more contests and opened them to any woman who wanted to participate.
    • Gracie will have her wearing trousers and roping cattle before they go home.
    • Michael nodded solemnly as he cautiously roped the bull, then tied the other end to Starlight's saddle, he mounted her and slowly had her back up.
    • Tyler roped the object on the roof on his first try.
    • I was roped to Jim, but it was of no use; my feet were paralyzed and slipped on the bare rock, and he said it was useless to try to go that way, and we retraced our steps.
    • She swung it lazily and with ease, and roped the wild mustang.