Translation of roster in Spanish:


lista de turnos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɑstər/ /ˈrɒstə/

See Spanish definition of lista


  • 1also duty roster

    lista de turnos feminine
  • 2

    lista feminine
    • So here's what's going to happen, either you explain your actions today, or you'll both be stricken off of the active duty roster.
    • Hornblower sat at the small table and pulled out his log, the duty roster, and noted on all the different items that would need seeing to in the coming days.
    • The Sergeant said this while handing over the duty roster.
    • The value won't initially be gained from in-air sales: crew will be able to collect email, notices, duty rosters and so on automatically when they walk into the crew room.
    • The assigning judge would not be criminally responsible for having failed for ex hypothesi bad reasons to carry out the duty of constructing a roster, including all colleagues.
    • Let's brake for lunch and I'll give you your duty roster for the rest of the week when you get back.
    • Mr. Kennedy is back in his cabin, but still off the duty roster.
    • It quoted a spokesman as saying that the company's initial investigation showed that there was a mix-up in the duty roster.
    • After looking at his duty roster, Blackstone headed down to the docking bay to check out the fighter he'd been assigned.
    • Its events already laid out on the duty roster in his head, he returned to his cabin and was soon fast asleep.
    • Hornblower stayed busy writing in the log, checking the chart, reviewing the new duty roster prepared to keep the ship in a state of alert.
    • Lydia expertly fielded their questions about staffing and even started a very specific duty roster.
    • To save money, the U.S. has pared its roster of active-duty troops by 32%, to 1.5 million, since 1991.
    • On your datapads is a copy of the Flight roster and your individual designations.
    • Work out a roster of who is on duty on what day and time.
    • As quickly as his enfeebled muscles would allow, he made his way to what seemed to be the front of the room, and checked the giant roster for his schedule.
    • ‘The strike will go ahead from Friday if the company continues to implement these rosters without discussion,’ he warned.
    • To his left, in the passenger seat, his trustworthy adjutant read the mission roster.
    • Just changing staff rosters caused the airline to suffer some embarrassing and well-publicised delays over the summer.
    • You'll have to have a chores roster, but it'll work really well.

transitive verb

  • 1

    he's rostered for Wednesday afternoon le toca trabajar / está de turno el miércoles por la tarde