Translation of rotor in Spanish:


rotor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈroʊdər/ /ˈrəʊtə/

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    rotor masculine
    • As a message was typed into the machine, these rotors would spin around and calculate a letter to substitute for each letter of the message.
    • This lessens the wear on brake drums, rotors and pads.
    • Enigma allowed an operator to type in a message, then scramble it by means of three to five notched wheels, or rotors, which displayed different letters of the alphabet.
    • In each case, the valve rotors were deep enough to carry two sets of ports and auxiliary tubing.
    • However, these machines clearly need more than just a rotor.
    • I like the shavers with individually pivoting rotors.
    • It looked like a security camera with rotors and an energy pistol hanging from the bottom.
    • Several mechanisms activated to swing the three remaining rotors around to form a triangle, and keep the device balanced.
    • He suggests power to the attic as well, in case a rotor is required to turn the antenna to find different stations.
    • While rotors have the ability to spray up to 75-100 feet, a pump that can create the required pressure may be cost prohibitive for most projects.
    • When the stolen Enigma was returned, some rotors were still missing.
    • I consider the plaintiff is entitled to recover the whole cost of the replacement rotor.
    • He dared not tip the ship too much or the main rotor could dig into the surface destroying the ship.
    • What if an aircraft could be driven by smaller, simpler engines that each turned a small fan-blade-like rotor underneath the vehicle?
    • It uses a massive sharp-toothed rotor to shred mines before they go off - or if not, simply to smother the explosion.
    • At that point Moller found himself wondering if there wasn't an intermediate, far easier target he could pick off along the way with the tiny rotors he was developing.
    • Robots wind the copper wire around the rotors and assemble and weld the finished motor.
    • Rotors are easy to remove and maintain without removing the housing or the complete rotor assembly with the gearbox.
    • He stuffed the plastic bag containing the rotor and the keys in it into his pocket, and picked up the battery with both hands.
    • The Enigma machine contained a number of rotors.