Traducción de rotten en Español:


podrido, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈrɑtn/ /ˈrɒt(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (wood/fruit) podrido
    (tooth) picado
    (tooth) cariado
    he's rotten to the core está corrompido hasta la médula
    • to spoil sb rotten mimar demasiado a algn
    • If that wasn't bad enough, it also smelled of putrid rotten eggs.
    • I caught it too… a foul, noxious odor, the sulfur of rotten eggs, the reek of sewage and decay.
    • Pools of boiling hot mud - filling the air with the smell of sulfur, similar to rotten eggs - are seen not far from the island's beautiful beaches.
    • Most of the people who passed her during the daytime would either spit at her or come along and pelt the door with rotten vegetable and eggs for their own amusement.
    • A smell that resembled rotten eggs filled her nostrils.
    • There was a peculiar smell in the air, one of rotten eggs or meat, the smell of sulfur.
    • Kernels are removed from the cob and mixed in a ratio of one-third clean, one-third spoiled, and one-third rotten.
    • The air was green with the stench of fetid and rotten flesh.
    • Professor John Marangos hurls still another batch of rotten tomatoes at the neoclassical approach to political economy.
    • They were utterly appalling with their rotten or missing teeth, tangled, matted hair, and yellowing scurvy eyes.
    • The forest floor often is covered with duff from rotten pine needles, logs, and leaves.
    • Anne cannot sleep because of the air raids, and they are eating terribly-dry bread and ersatz coffee for breakfast, spinach and rotten potatoes for dinner.
    • The foul stench of blood, mingled with that of rotten flesh, permeated the air.
    • There were a couple of trashcans along it, and they spewed nasty smelling piles of half rotten food, and junk.
    • The fallen tree had been moldy and rotten, the smell strong and unpleasant enough to deter most burrowing animals that would normally have occupied the space.
    • There were about ten of them, varying in age and height, but all with the same dark eyes and dirty faces, rotten teeth and tearful, pleading voices.
    • What I see is a whole lot of rotten tomatoes.
    • People show up at your gigs armed with rotten fruit to throw at you.
    • Robber fly adults lay eggs in the summer in soil or rotten wood.
    • With that Max rammed head first into the wall and the rotten wood began to splinter.
  • 2coloquial

    what rotten weather! ¡qué tiempo más horrible / asqueroso!
    • that's a rotten thing to do eso es una maldad
    • that was really rotten of her eso fue una maldad de su parte
    • don't be so rotten to her no seas tan malo con ella
    • he's a rotten singer canta pésimo
    • I'm rotten at French en francés soy un desastre
    • to feel rotten sentirse mal
    • Americans may remember auto manufacturer, which vanished from the U.S. market in 1987, for poor quality and rotten reliability.
    • If you only knew how many lousy meals and rotten movies he has dragged Diana to throughout the years.
    • In general, funds with poor long-term past performance tend to have rotten future performance.
    • There are plenty of rotten American films that had a great political impact.
    • Mary might have been an extremely intelligent woman but she had rotten judgment in men.
    • You're absolutely, indisputably rotten to the bone!
    • I am sick of my mom telling me how rotten I am and sick of the courts ordering me to places like this.
    • ‘No chance - it's just really rotten luck,’ he said.
    • Frankly, the worst thing about choruses is that they have absolutely rotten senses of humour.
    • What begins with hope and freshness in each case quickly degenerates into something twisted and rotten.
    • There was the curious fact that whereas Hitler began as a competent strategist and ended as a rotten one, with Stalin it was the other way round.
    • When you become pregnant, hopefully many years from now, you'll see just how rotten your mood can get.
    • If I harp on how rotten the production is, it's because I have few qualms with the music, outside of the first track, which is just aimless.
    • The year after an election is often rotten for stocks.
    • I can't wait to get out of this dirty, rotten place.
    • He reeked and tears filled her eyes from a mix of his rotten smell and the pain his dirty fingernails were causing as they dug into her cheek.
    • That's one reason that I thought she'd had a rotten time at the social.
    • Taking away days and weeks worth of effort in a single stroke is a lousy rotten thing to do to your patrons.
    • What a fine mess that rotten cousin of yours has gotten her poor sister into!
    • Well, of all the dirty, rotten, evil things for someone to do!
    • Toward the end of the film, one of our villains does something very rotten, and Green takes action that indirectly leads to this person's demise.
    • We're told that the folks from here are evil, but we never see them do anything very rotten.
    • No matter how rotten the day had been or how lonely his life had become, she ignited a spark inside him that he'd considered dead and buried.
    • I didn't stop to think that I was being pretty rotten myself.