Translation of roué in Spanish:


libertino, n.

Pronunciation /ruˈeɪ/ /ˈruːeɪ/


  • 1

    libertino masculine
    • The story centres on Sarah Wode-Douglass, a poetry editor enticed to steaming 1970s Kuala Lumpur by a literary roué who she suspects is implicated in her mother's death.
    • The mobsters and grifters and roués of the demimonde didn't have a college degree; they had money and juice.
    • His date turned out to be an utterly delightful 24-year-old, who warmed to my charms and made me feel like a right roué.
    • The roué can't produce the heroic memoir that's expected of him, and smoke-free Vancouver, with its vegetarians and sexual-harassment policies, is not the haven he hoped for.
    • He must also have looked into the mirror when he considered the great roué, whose smooth approach and good looks make him a master of seduction.
    • He saw a country ruled by an ageing roué, with demonic powers of mass hypnosis and a leaning towards Communist China.
    • Isabelle arrives accompanied by her silly and pretentious mother and Romainville, a middle-aged roué and friend.
    • He was seen as ‘passionate, greedy and vindictive’ by another Italian, the Siennese roué, who visited him in 1435.
    • Newman's powerful onscreen presence makes him a charming roué; he slips on the role with professional ease, bringing an offhand sexiness to his role.
    • Always ‘in character’ as the self-appointed roué, Jerome's encounters with women are strangely enervated events.
    • She enters to kibosh her son's prospects, only to be told, when the family facts emerge, that she should marry the high-born roué who has ruined her.
    • It is like a roué making a renewed vow of total, absolute, unconditional marital fidelity but asking for a 10 year grace period for the transition to it.
    • Are there mitigating circumstances, or just a middle-aged roué's glib excuses?
    • Was that bifocaled roué on TV last night actually Grampa Butcher himself?
    • If he stars in the operetta, he would no doubt cast himself as an endlessly bumbling, ageing roué.
    • Besides Cohn, there was Claudius Charles Philippe, a suave, thrice-married roué eighteen years Walters' senior.