Translation of roulade in Spanish:


roulade, n.

Pronunciation /ruˈlɑd/ /ruːˈlɑːd/


  • 1

    roulade feminine
    rulada feminine
    • Low tea is the tea in which crustless sandwiches, petit fours, and salmon roulades are likely to be served.
    • Place a slice of roulade on top of each of the brioche rounds.
    • For the roulade: On a half sheet pan covered with plastic wrap, lay out the prosciutto slices, slightly overlapping.
    • Stuffed octopus, squid, and cuttlefish are served with a tomato sauce, while a roulade of beef known as bragoli is served with gravy.
    • If that was not enough Bruno and Fredi then offered a beef and veal roulade in a red wine sauce, surrounded most decoratively with mashed potatoes in swirls.
  • 2

    roulade masculine