Translation of rowdy in Spanish:


escandaloso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈraʊdi/

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adjective rowdier, rowdiest

  • 1

    (person) escandaloso
    (person) alborotador
    (person) (quarrelsome) pendenciero
    (place) bullicioso
    (meeting) tumultuoso
    there were rowdy scenes hubo desmanes
    • Crowds of rowdy youngsters streaming into Walton from outlying towns and villages are causing a problem.
    • I could tell she was making a valiant attempt to join in the rambunctious merrymaking with the rowdy crowd.
    • When a loud, rowdy group of kids came in, I just kept my head down and ignored them.
    • One by one, loud, rowdy girls begin to file in from the halls.
    • Most of the kids at the school were rowdy and rambunctious, but they knew not to mess with the principal.
    • In Billericay, police were called to move on a crowd of more than 50 rowdy supporters after they spilled on to the High Street, but no arrests were made.
    • Certainly from the reports so far, it seems as though guards based in the city centre had not been given the training to deal with a rowdy crowd.
    • Every so often the Royal Marines let off smoke grenades to disperse the increasingly rowdy crowd.
    • In 1992, he was arrested after rowdy scenes outside a Nottingham nightclub, but released without charge.
    • Since they began their direct action the arson attacks, break-ins and rowdy behaviour of recent weeks has all but stopped.
    • Over the years, December 31 has become synonymous with drunken and rowdy behaviour in public.
    • The famous sailor dance mimicked the movement of drunk, rowdy crewmen.
    • Taxi drivers could reduce the chance of being assaulted by installing a protective shield to separate them from rowdy passengers.
    • Residents using the shops have complained about the group's rowdy behaviour and businesses say they are losing customers.
    • Be especially aware of late night, rowdy discussions around the campfire, or yelling and shouting.
    • Housing chiefs say such behaviour will not be tolerated, and have warned rowdy tenants that they face eviction.
    • Police are also cracking down on rowdy teenagers who have been causing a disturbance at stations in the area.
    • Police now have more powers than ever to crack down on boozy rowdy behaviour.
    • Police are preparing to launch a crackdown on rowdy youths in Stratton, Swindon.
    • Problems started a year ago with youngsters being rowdy and lighting fires, he said.

nounplural rowdies

  • 1

    (picking a fight) camorrista masculine, feminine
    alborotador masculine
    alborotadora feminine
    (picking a fight) pendenciero masculine
    (picking a fight) pendenciera feminine