Translation of ruin in Spanish:


ruina, n.

Pronunciation /ˈruɪn/ /ˈruːɪn/

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  • 1

    (sth ruined)
    ruina feminine
    we visited the ruin(s) visitamos las ruinas
    • The ruins of the castle remain atop the hill but provide little protection from the relentless mistral, which constantly whips through its now-exposed cavity.
    • Alexander the Great was unsuccessful in his aims to capture the hilltop fortress here, the ruins of which remain to be explored.
    • The ruins of the apartment buildings were quickly bulldozed after the 1999 bombings.
    • Towards the end of the film Danilov and Vassili are hiding together in the ruins of a building.
    • The city walls include a number of scheduled monuments and listed buildings, including the ruins of St Mary's Abbey and St Olave's Church, which is still in use.
    • The ruins of ancient Indian buildings strike the imagination.
    • People have tried to locate both the ruins of these buildings and the quarries from which the local stone used in their construction was taken.
    • The ruins of this building are still the cause of much speculation as to their purpose.
    • Two further weeks were spent on an exterior set, built into the ruins of a castle outside Prague, where the streets of London were constructed.
    • In the moonlight, the ruins of some building stood.
    • He continued to fight the approaching enemy, taking cover from behind the ruins of a building that had been ripped apart.
    • In the middle of Northstead was a conical mound with the ruins of a stone building, said by some historians to have been the Manor House, by others to have been a magazine.
    • In Sarajevo we found an overwhelming energy and bustle set against a backdrop of the ruins of dilapidated buildings.
    • Below was another photo, this time of the ruins of the building the day after the fire.
    • An impressive museum, extensive ruins and preserved buildings remain at this National Historic Site.
    • In May 1945 it was the Russians who hoisted their flag over the ruins of the Reichstag building in Berlin.
    • A pub, a few houses, a fish restaurant, and the ruins of a Greyfriars monastery are pretty much all that remains of Dunwich, which was once a major port.
    • At Tumacacori, a museum and the ruins of the church vie for attention.
    • Tourists visit Mayan ruins, take jungle safaris, and explore a long barrier reef.
    • You may even want to visit the beautiful Mayan ruin of Tikal in nearby Guatemala at the same time.
  • 2

    ruina feminine
    perdición feminine
    drink will be the ruin of her la bebida será su ruina / perdición
    • Ñusta fell in love with this man, but that was her ruin.
    • It was his intemperance which made him deaf to the appeals of Haemon, and which led him to disregard till it was too late the warnings of Teiresias; it was his intemperance which was his ruin.
  • 3

    ruina feminine
    he's heading for financial ruin va derecho a la ruina / a la bancarrota
    • the venture ended in ruin la empresa zozobró / fracasó
    • the castle has fallen into ruin el castillo está en ruinas
    • The dozens of sports that set down this weekend left a wake of destruction and ruin.
    • In addition to the physical ruin, there was the collapse of the ideology which had been so prominent.
    • After the destruction and ruin of the war years, and the climate of nationalism which preceded them, many hoped for a new model of political co-operation in Europe.
    • The others followed my lead, and tossed their torches as they rode away from the fire, away from the destruction and ruin.
    • In Tolkien's world, evil is the antithesis of creativity, and is dependent on destruction and ruin for its basis.
    • In the midst of mass destruction, death and ruin, Lamb is quick to point out the bird singing, the lone flower pushing defiantly through the dirt, the smell of a pine tree.
    • The wreck and ruin of the old forest was put in order, shattered trees made whole, tender grasses covering the tortured land.
    • The human figure is reduced to anonymity in the seemingly endless vista of ruin and devastation.
    • He whispered in her ear, grabbing her hand in his and pulling her away from the devastation and ruin of the once lush and beautiful land Elena knew as home.
    • Russian poetry tended to the apocalyptic and visionary rather than preoccupation with the blood and ruin of the real war.
    • Javius looked away from them to the ruin and destruction of nearly a fourth of his army.
    • Remember, Japan was the most devastated country in World War II, in terms of the atomic ruin of major cities and the destruction of the old order.
    • The treasures of the past most at risk of falling into ruin are revealed in a comprehensive register.
    • In several European countries, the poultry industry appears to be in imminent danger of ruin.
    • One atom bomb had created as much ruin and misery as hundreds of airplanes had.
    • Doors and windows are constantly falling out and the place is falling to ruin before their very eyes.
    • All over the world human strife arises from these sources, escalating into violence, bringing death and scattering ruin.
    • It was natural for us to attempt to paint ourselves in a more favorable light while making out the others as the troublemakers and causers of ruin.
    • Blessed with cataclysmic vision, we don't admit gentler outcomes, such as mere catastrophe or ruin.
    • Farmers face financial disaster after freak rain storms thrashed crops into muddy ruin.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (city/building) destruir
    (career/life) arruinar
    (career/life) acabar con
    (health) acabar con
    (hopes) destruir
    (hopes) echar por tierra
    (plans) arruinar
    (plans) echar por tierra
    the recession ruined the company la compañía quebró debido a la recesión
    • he was ruined by the lengthy court case los costos de un juicio tan largo lo arruinaron / lo dejaron en la bancarrota
    • When someone is talking it just ruins the effect.
    • He orders the young man not to look at him either because as client or director this would ruin the effect he wants to achieve.
    • What drives them to subvert science, lie about the sources of the harm done, ruin countless lives?
    • Many were anxious it would harm their health and ruin the charm of their community.
    • Of course, he totally ruins the effects by laughing.
    • And, as is inevitably the case whenever a viewer can identify a special effect as a special effect, it ruins the experience.
    • And an opposition researcher took a picture, blew it up into a placard and brought it to a rally, which had the effect of instantly ruining the guy's campaign.
    • His parents were working on a billion dollar assignment, when John sabotaged everything, and ruined their reputations.
    • I rocked back on my heels and pretended to be offended, though the effect was probably ruined by the badly suppressed grin on my face.
    • Ineffective strategic management can bankrupt companies and ruin the careers of chief executives.
    • His first anniversary was ruined when thieves broke into his shop and removed goods valued at around £18,000.
    • If she didn't let him, he'd go to Uncle Luther, and then she'd be done for sure, her big break would be ruined.
    • The project has encountered some objections prompted by concerns that the extension and alterations will ruin the listed building's image.
    • The people I stopped on the street told me that the superstore would ruin the place.
    • Concerned parents in Bradford claim teenagers are ruining a neighbourhood playground for an estate's youngsters.
    • He claimed the lighting and netting would ruin residents' views of Canary Wharf, and that nature groups believed owls nesting nearby would disappear.
    • This is the part of Temple Bar where Dubliners can hang out without ruining their street cred.
    • I write in response to the story about boy racers ruining the town centre and participating in so-called ‘anti-social’ behaviour.
    • Recently, town councillors in Pickering warned that vandals who had been wreaking havoc were ruining the market town for everyone.
    • All it does it sit there humming and grinding away and generally ruining the atmosphere.
  • 2

    (dress/carpet/toy) estropear
    (evening/surprise) echar a perder
    (evening/surprise) estropear
    (evening/surprise) arruinar
    (child) echar a perder