Translation of ruling in Spanish:


fallo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrulɪŋ/ /ˈruːlɪŋ/


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    fallo masculine
    resolución feminine
    to give / make a ruling that … fallar / resolver que …


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    (in power)
    (monarch) reinante
    the ruling Party el partido en el poder
    • the ruling classes las clases dirigentes
    • The council's housing panel is expected to refer a 3.88 per cent rent rise to the authority's ruling executive for approval when it meets next Monday.
    • The plan will be presented by the county authority's ruling Conservative group to a meeting of the governing executive on Tuesday.
    • To think that a ruling coalition will allow its nominated prime minister to be defeated in an election is inconceivable.
    • They currently are part of the ruling coalition along with the left-wing Labor Party.
    • Through its influence on the ruling party, the association forced Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare to take heed and dictated much of healthcare policy.
    • Features of a knightly ruling class still indirectly influence Hispanic societies, including those in the United States.
    • Some Communist leaders' statements have led to apprehensions among the ruling coalition about the Left's outside support.
    • Mr. Dixit is also concerned about the slowing down of economic reforms in the country, owing to inner contradictions within the ruling coalition.
    • Generally an elected assembly is dissolved only if there is crisis in the house or if a ruling coalition breaks down.
    • It all depends on how much support the ruling coalition gets from the Opposition.
    • A State's military ideology is also biased to the extent to which it expresses the views of a country's supreme ruling authority.
    • Most people continue to make the mistake that the Democrats are an opposition party when in fact they are best understood as junior partners in a ruling coalition.
    • The authority of the ruling family was challenged several times in the latter half of the twentieth century.
    • On Aristotle's view, a community of any sort can possess order only if it has a ruling element or authority.
    • The show of nuclear capability should be placed in the context of the fragile political base on which India's new ruling coalition rests.
    • This was a world of short life expectancy, poor nutrition and daily conflict with the ruling authority and nature.
    • The ruling coalition's campaign ignores criticisms and presents the image of a party destined to govern.
    • At that time, it was accepted that the ruling authority would proclaim a State religion and proscribe all others.
    • The town hall drama has left the authority without a ruling administration and political parties remain at loggerheads over its future.
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    (principle/factor) dominante
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    (price/rate) vigente