Translation of rush hour in Spanish:

rush hour

hora pico, n.


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    hora pico feminine Latin America
    hora punta feminine Spain
    we got caught in the rush-hour traffic nos agarró el tráfico de la hora pico
    • Morning rush hour traffic was murderous at the best of times, and with something like this going on it was not moving at all.
    • The weather was clear and the morning rush hour traffic had already built up and was inching along.
    • Anyone who has driven through the rush hour traffic on the back of Bangkok motorbike taxi will know what I mean.
    • He has found it the ideal way to get around during the festive period as he can miss the Christmas rush hour traffic.
    • He could not stop in the rush hour traffic and worried about her for the rest of the day.
    • In Canterbury there are a number of roads that are desperately needed to unclog the rush hour traffic.
    • She soothes herself and looks out of the window at the rush hour traffic beneath her.
    • He looked out the window, the rush hour traffic had virtually stopped now.
    • The Friday rush hour traffic wound its way slowly out of Glasgow city centre and up onto the Erskine bridge.
    • Thousands of people joined protests that caused chaos from the morning rush hour right through the evening.
    • As the rush hour reached its peak this morning, traffic slowed to a crawl.
    • Because firefighters had to close one lane of Halifax Road for more than seven hours there were huge rush hour traffic jams.
    • At rush hour, I never expect the traffic be good, especially when it is combined with a Friday.
    • Because of the police diversion there were huge hold-ups with rush hour traffic along Whitworth Road.
    • Vehicles piled up during rush hour traffic at the Bommanahalli junction on Hosur Road.
    • More cars were added to cope with rush hour traffic and the extra passengers generated by football games and race days.
    • Last night police were forced to cordon off nearby roads and reroute rush hour traffic as toxic fumes poured into the sky.
    • However, traffic was moving extremely slowly during the rush hour period.
    • Dying would have been far more enjoyable than negotiating rush hour traffic whilst in a bizarre trance of denial.
    • Average speed of rush hour traffic is now down to a crawl of three miles per hour and experts warn it is set to get worse.