Translation of sac in Spanish:


saco, n.

Pronunciation /sæk/ /sak/

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    saco masculine
    pollen sac saco polínico
    • ink/poison sac bolsa de tinta/veneno
    • In the field of biology, biochemists have been studying vesicles, the small membrane sacs found within cells.
    • Fistulas commonly extend from the rectal sac to the perineum or genital tract in a female, or to the urinary tract in a male.
    • If chemicals are splashed into the eye, the eye and the conjunctival sacs should be washed out immediately with copious amounts of water.
    • At 8:30 AM, the obstetrician manually broke the patient's amniotic fluid sac in an effort to speed up labor.
    • Fish make the popping noises by sending air through different chambers of their swim bladders, the inflatable sacs that help fish float.
    • These protein and lipid molecules are then transported inside lysosomes -- minute, balloon-like sacs within the cell.
    • The ink sac can make cleaning the squid a bit messy, but all it needs is a good rinse and it's gone.
    • Sepia comes from the Greek word for the rich reddish-brown pigment obtained from a fluid that is secreted by the cuttlefish from their ink sac.
    • Worst bit: having to take out the squid's ink sac.
    • And I think the blisters resemble pomelo pulp sacs.
    • This is particularly noticeable in the knee and hip where we have big fluid sacs.
    • Tests have also shown that if a needle is placed into the sac and touches the baby, the baby feels pain and will immediately move away.
    • The yolk sac was completely absorbed, but the site of attachment was still visible.
    • ‘Surfactant keeps the tiny air sacs in the lungs open,’ Hein says.
    • For example, the tiny air sacs in lungs expand more than seven times when you inhale.
    • Scientists also suspect that air pollutants might dampen the growth of alveoli, tiny air sacs in the lungs.
    • The female was fed one cricket per day until an egg sac was produced.
    • Each anther cone was gently agitated to release the pollen sacs into the dye solution.
    • The amniotic sac that contains your baby begins to form about 12 days after conception.
    • In human beings, the testis is located outside the body in the scrotal sac.