Translation of sacrosanct in Spanish:


sacrosanto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsækroʊˌsæŋ(k)t/ /ˈsakrə(ʊ)saŋ(k)t/ /ˈseɪkrə(ʊ)saŋ(k)t/

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    • It was understood equipment and shooting techniques would evolve, but the principles were sacrosanct.
    • Basic human decency and respect for the dead as well as for the feelings of their grieving loved ones should guarantee that burial places are sacrosanct.
    • Sovereignty has long been a sacrosanct principle in the international system.
    • These are hands-off, no-go, sacrosanct areas that the British prime minister cannot afford to have tampered with.
    • At the end of the case, Justice Lloyd said wilderness is sacrosanct.
    • His speeches could go on for hours and caused great disruption to what were seen to be the sacrosanct ways of Westminster.
    • Yes, we had to slash into sacrosanct areas like health care to save the country.
    • It could stay holy, sacrosanct, totally uncorrupted and virginal if it wasn't for us humans washing everything over with arrogance.
    • No principle or vision is sacrosanct in Washington except its own security and self-interest.
    • The issue is one of property rights which, in every capitalist society, are both valuable and sacrosanct.
    • The principle of democracy is sacrosanct, but it will always be interpreted through cultural filters.
    • If a mistake is reprinted often enough, it becomes sacrosanct - no one questions it, no one verifies it.
    • Once upon a time Sunday mornings were sacrosanct times for public worship.
    • Environmentalism has become a sacrosanct religion of which no questions can even be asked.
    • In principle there seems little reason to regard the Internet as sacrosanct, one network that is necessarily free of taxation.
    • The principle of maintaining the territorial integrity of states remained sacrosanct.
    • Long gone are the days when this flag carrier was considered so sacrosanct its planes were blessed by priests on the tarmac before departure.
    • A marriage before God is a sacrosanct thing, an act of union in the eyes of God, irreversible and permanent.
    • Indeed, sports budgets seem to be sacrosanct, elevated to more importance than labs and textbooks.
    • Royalty is accorded less respect and marriage is no longer regarded as sacrosanct.
    • If something in science suddenly becomes so sacrosanct that you can't question it, then it ceases to be science.