Translation of sadism in Spanish:


sadismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈseɪˌdɪzəm/ /ˈseɪdɪz(ə)m/

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    sadismo masculine
    • They include auto-mutilation of her genitals with a razor, voyeurism, taking sexual pleasure in urination, sadism, and masochism.
    • Yet this scenario of male sadism and necrophiliac fetishism, this duality of adoration and humiliation does not feel quite right.
    • Deviant sexual preference as measured by sexual arousal tests may show evidence of a deviation, but no evidence of severe paraphilias such as sexual sadism.
    • There would be clear evidence of sexual sadism in terms of fantasies, urges, history, and behavior in these cases.
    • In addition, it is the treatment of choice for the most serious sexual deviations, such as sexual sadism.
    • Algolagnia is a psychiatric term covering sadism and masochism.
    • It features scenes of extreme sexual sadism and hardcore bondage as well as graphic depictions of rape.
    • Psychopathic individuals are not actually linked to sadism, so they don't actually enjoy inflicting pain.
    • Man Ray's dalliance with sadism and masochism took place primarily on the theoretical level.
    • Essentially, Roman and I are both dominants, but we're dominants who like to play with sadism / masochism in the context of our sexual relationship.
    • At the same time, Freudian psychoanalysis offers an understanding of the formations of sadism and masochism as complementary and vacillating.
    • As Sarkar says, the incitement to violence is suffused with anxiety about virility, and the treatment of women seems to enact a fantasy of sexual sadism far darker than mere revenge.
    • Whether or not you buy such arguments, it's clear that the issues of cinematic sadism and spectator pleasure/complicity are far from settled.
    • The sexual sadism of Use Koch haunts Semprun's tale, and it seems that both aspects of Koonz's speculation are in play here.
    • This belief illuminates the fact that the exercise of such sadism and humiliation is a fundamentally political act.
    • Lynchings, so often overtly sexual in their sadism, also betray profound economic anxieties.
    • ‘There is no room in my life for drugs, fights, divorce, adultery, sadism, unnecessary fuss and sex,’ he says now.
    • As the philosopher points out, ‘There is an aestheticism in masochism, while sadism is hostile to the aesthetic attitude.’
    • His cavalier endorsement of sadism and sexual abuse for ‘emotional release’ counts as hate under any reasonable definition of the word.