Translation of safe in Spanish:


seguro, adj.

Pronunciation /seɪf/

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adjective safer, safest

  • 1

    • 1.1(secure from danger)

      to be safe from sb/sth
      • at least we're safe from the threat of dismissal
      • we'll be safe from prying eyes/from him here
      • she's safe from any immediate danger
      • no one is safe from her sharp tongue
      the money will be safe here el dinero estará seguro aquí
      • his reputation is safe su reputación está a salvo
      • you are not safe here corres peligro aquí
      • keep these documents safe guarda estos documentos en un lugar seguro
      • your secret is safe with me puedes confiar en que guardaré tu secreto
      • I hope and pray that the friends and family who mean so much to Sherry have survived and are safe from harm.
      • At least here, they are safe from the dangers of everyday life in the worst of areas.
      • Now safe from harm, he and his parents continued their journey and when they arrived in Timnah the lovers looked at each other and were pleased.
      • This has placed property previously safe from the danger of flood at risk.
      • Manage the balance between the need to offer risk and the need to keep children safe from harm.
      • If they calmed Tim Wheeler's ego down then they would be safe from harm.
      • He was staying there with her, and no one was going to move him until he saw with his own eyes that she was safe from harm.
      • People still want to feed themselves and their family and be safe from harm.
      • Everyone is a target, everyone is vulnerable and exposed, and no one is safe from, well… anything.
      • She wonders whether her investments and retirement accounts are safe from broad fluctuations in stock prices.
      • Perhaps it was a subtle way of keeping travelling women safe from that eternal danger, The Attentions of Foreign Men.
      • While most of us are now safe from fire, so many others are now in harm's way.
      • Within the hardened shell of the isolated self, one is safe from the pain of love.
      • All of these things should be reasonably safe from risk of pregnancy, but still enjoyable.
      • The classes provide a great opportunity to learn the most effective ways to protect you and to stay safe from potential attackers.
      • Barrett installed his family on Moturoa Island, safe from any danger.
      • It amounts to blackmail, but it was the only way to keep us safe from harm.
      • The world had changed; resolve was dented because now for the first time, the Americans knew that they were not safe from those who wished them harm.
      • Few well-known executives who achieved celebrity during the boom years of the Nineties are now safe from shareholder retribution.
      • At least the video game conferences will be safe from French cameramen.

    • 1.2(unharmed)

      they were found safe and well orsafe and sound los encontraron sanos y salvos
      • thank God you're safe gracias a Dios no te ha pasado nada
      • all the passengers are safe ningún pasajero resultó herido
      • Civilian employers are concerned about your welfare and want you to return home safe and sound.
      • Fortunately the missing person turned up, safe and sound, and the boat returned to its station.
      • There is still time to hand in photographs all of which will be returned safely to their owners safe and sound.
      • A little chanting, a little stretching and a little meditation later, I was home safe and sound before the thunderstorms came.
      • We took the two dogs and the cat all back and they're now safe and sound.
      • Win or lose, we want our girl next door back safe and sound.
      • Sympathetic classmates made the call for her and learned that her mother was safe and sound.
      • This is one of those films that make you want to hug someone, if only to reassure yourself that you are safe and sound.
      • He had jumped on a plane for New York the moment he got the opportunity, and now he was safe and sound in Baltimore.
      • Deployed soldiers can rest assured, knowing their families are safe and sound back home.
      • We arrived safe and sound on Thursday evening and went direct to Chester Fried Chicken for dinner.
      • All breathed a sigh of relief to see their comrades safe and sound.
      • Little tykes will soon lose interest, leaving everything safe and sound.
      • Returning to base, the three fighter pilots were happy to hear that all of the downed pilots were safe and uninjured.
      • I might try posting sketches of him up on some nearby trees with a reward offered for his safe return.
      • I'm not sure if I could say the day ended well but at least I was still me; safe and sound in my bed.
      • My original wingman waited for me at the bottom of the ladder, relieved to see me safe and sound.

    • 1.3(offering protection)

      (haven/refuge) seguro
      keep the medicine in a safe place guarde la medicina en (un) lugar seguro
      • They say they chose the location for its outstanding beauty and the fact that it affords a safe place for their children to play.
      • A civil order status, on the other hand, would imply that the area was safe, with security affairs controlled by the police.
      • You see, Margo, most people want a job, house mortgage rates they can afford, a safe environment for their children.
      • Make sure that you park in a safe place off the road and that, as you approach the scene, you will not be hit by another vehicle and that the wreckage itself will not be hit.
      • As if people had to constantly reassure themselves that the world was still stable, secure and a safe place to live in.
      • But a majority still consider the centre is not a safe place to live and business people think the town centre is not a safe place to work.
      • And just 16 per cent felt the countryside was a safe place to walk alone.
      • If you have a boat, moor it securely or move it to a designated safe place.
      • The original plan was to evacuate all the residents of New Orleans to safe places outside the city.
      • The big park is a safe place for children to wander and play around.
      • What we have to remember is schools are extremely safe places.
      • I find my grandkid waiting for me in the library, a safe place to hang out, where the librarians know him, and me.
      • I gather Piper's main requirement is a safe place to park her Porsche.
      • Neighbourhoods were safe places where children could roam and have wide networks.
      • For Edinburgh residents, a safe place to park the car became the main topic of conversation.
      • It didn't strike me as more American or more pressing than securing my friend a safe place to pray.
      • This sandy beach is safe from the danger of killer whales, who will actually launch themselves at the pebbly shore to snatch their victims.
      • She can leave, and fly down to a safe opening at the base of this cliff.
      • Fog has caused many losses around the islands as vessels tried to reach a safe anchorage.
      • The victims had been butchered with machetes after apparently being led into the safe refuge of a Catholic Church.
      • With two out of every three deaths in Iraq caused by diarrhoea and respiratory infections, a safe supply of clean water is crucial to child survival.
      • Because of this we decide that the water was safe enough to clean up in and drink.
      • Fact: the vast majority of Scotland's coastal waters are clean and safe for bathing.
      • On the night of May 26, a bus driver who failed to keep a safe distance with the sedan in front, caused the injury of eight passengers.
      • So the point is, there is no such thing as a safe lead in this game.
      • This might dismay investors, as it might lead to losses even from what seemed to be safe investments.
      • A class of boys is being led through a lesson about what water is safe to drink.
      • Cuz let's face it, whether he's a bad guy or not, he sure as hell looks like one, and it's only sensible that we check out all the leads just to be safe.
      • His partner then knows if it is safe to lead trumps or not.
      • There's no place like home for Jays hitters, who believe no opponent's lead is safe, no matter how large.
      • We expect clean air to breathe, pure food to eat and safe water to drink.
      • We live with a legacy of polluted air, land, and water that need restoring to their clean, safe state.
      • Systems led by nurses are safe and effective in out of hours settings.
      • The passes are usually safe and short, leading to completions and increased confidence.
      • They say the road, which has been the scene of a series of accidents in recent years, needs to be made safe to prevent further injuries.
      • We talked about the rumble only when a safe distance away from family members, especially younger siblings.
      • In addition, she said there was a need to dispel some of the myths around cocaine such as the notion that it is relatively safe and relatively clean.
      • They appeared near the stairway and kept a safe distance away.
      • Mr Thos Lavery of the Garda Water Unit pointed out the importance of safe boating and water activities and how risks can be reduced.
      • I have £50,000 and am looking for a safe investment with a high income.

  • 2

    (not dangerous)
    that ladder isn't very safe esa escalera no es muy segura
    • is the water safe to drink? ¿se puede beber el agua sin peligro?
    • do you think it's safe to go out now? ¿crees que ya no hay peligro y se puede salir?
    • have a safe journey (que tengas) buen viaje
  • 3

    (not risky)
    (investment) seguro
    (investment) sin riesgo
    (method/contraceptive) seguro
    (method/contraceptive) fiable
    he's a very safe driver conduce con prudencia
    • it's a pretty safe bet that he will win (de) seguro que gana él
    • it's safe to say that … se puede decir sin temor a equivocarse que …
    • they opted for the safe choice fueron a lo seguro
    • a safe seat


  • 1

    (for valuables)
    caja fuerte feminine
    caja de caudales feminine
    safe cracker ladrón de cajas fuertes desvalijador de cajas fuertes
    • safe breaker ladrón de cajas fuertes
      desvalijador de cajas fuertes
    • Another successful selling point Abrams uses is the discounts many insurance companies give to customers who purchase fireproof safes for their valuables.
    • Personakey's Touch Open locking storage cases and safes are nothing short of amazing.
    • But not so lucky were files, plans and tapes stored in a fireproof cabinet and safe in Manhattan.
    • After yesterday's post on safes and storage, we heard a snippet on Radio 4's You and Yours about the history of valuables storage.
    • The Club is optimistic that a large proportion of the records have survived as they were stored in fire proof safes.
    • Until they can access their computer and written records, which are locked in a safe in the damaged building, they have no idea who they are marrying when.
    • Eventually he learns to trust Andy enough to let him describe the photo he has kept locked in a safe for more than 30 years.
    • Such documents were prominently marked, and at the end of every work day, all classified materials were locked in safes.
    • Today, she has thousands of artifacts, which she keeps locked in two gun safes in her garage.
    • You will feel more secure knowing your jewelry is safe at home than locked in a hotel safe.
    • My biggest concern as I arrived at the locker was remembering the combination to a small safe for valuables.
    • Until then the £1, 000 necklace will be locked away in a safe in the Church Street shop.
    • During their two-hour ordeal the boys were locked in a disused safe.
    • At the very least, backup tapes need to be put in a fireproof safe on the premises every day.
    • Put all your valuables into the safe which most hotel rooms are equipped with.
    • Fingerprints also are being used with a number of other devices including time clocks, cell phones, door locks and safes.
    • Available in green or black, the safes have several lock options.
    • That old anvil putter is locked away in a safe in his son's garage.
    • Except for a few hundred in bills, everything was locked in the impenetrable safe.
    • Jim reached into the safe and pulled out the small black-velvet bag that was the only thing inside.
  • 2US informal

    globo masculine informal
    paracaídas masculine informal
    condón masculine
    forro masculine River Plate informal
    • According to the ad, ‘Julius Schmind would like to give you some straight talk about condoms, rubbers, sheaths, safes, French letters, storkstoppers.’