Translation of safe conduct in Spanish:

safe conduct

protección, n.

Pronunciation /seɪf kənˈdəkt/

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  • 1

    protección feminine
    • Despite a guarantee of safe conduct, Nagy was arrested and deported to Romania.
    • Despite an apparently ironclad guarantee of safe conduct, he was arrested, imprisoned and burnt at the stake on July 6, 1415.
    • Hungary was invaded by troops of the Warsaw Pact on 4 November and, despite guarantees of safe conduct, he was arrested by KGB troops.
    • In the early hours of the morning at the swollen river Sarsa the Guru and his Sikhs were attacked by the Mughal army under the command of Wazir Khan, breaking their oath of safe conduct.
    • The war dragged on in a seesaw of sieges; when a city was taken, the soldiers were usually granted safe conduct or even changed sides, but (as happened in Milan) there were many massacres of the civilian population.
    • Although Montcalm now held the upper hand, he offered the British honorable terms of surrender: He would ensure safe conduct for the entire garrison, if they would give up the fort peaceably.
    • I would reward you handsomely for safe conduct over to the capitol.
    • At the roadblock, Samuell was confronted by two Hungarian generals who wanted to surrender their divisions immediately and demanded safe conduct to the American lines.
    • It was here that Richard II received Henry Percy, earl of Northumberland, as Henry Bolingbroke's ambassador, and accepted assurances of safe conduct which proved to be false.
    • In January, the family was granted safe conduct out of the country, while I had to stay until May, because the government refused to allow me to leave.
    • Saladin, famous for his chivalry, not only forgave Balian, but provided Balian's family safe conduct back to Tyre.
    • The Soviet Union reneged on its pledge of safe conduct, handing Nagy and other prominent figures over to the new Hungarian regime, which executed them in secret.
    • The Treaty of Limerick, which in 1691 ended the Williamite war in Ireland, allowed safe conduct to Jacobites who wished to serve abroad.
    • The supreme court, however, ruled that Adamov could not claim that his detention violated the principle of safe conduct.
    • What's more, and to me more important, we could have insured their safety and safe conduct.
    • He was invited back by the prime minister and by the president, and he was assured of safe conduct and that the legal issue will be resolved in a legal way.
    • As for the hearing, the three houses represented here will pledge for your safe conduct.
  • 2

    salvoconducto masculine
    • Access to work and ration cards meant getting identity cards and safe conducts which involved certificates of ‘good behaviour’ from local Falangist officials and parish priests.
    • They were given safe conducts though inevitably numbers were set upon and robbed.
    • These took the form of a safe conduct pass signed by a senior commander.
    • They were supposed to wait for two or three days to receive a safe conduct from Ro Sen Kai, but Tesshu Okazaki insisted such a pass was unnecessary and they set off without it.
    • Sigismund gave him an imperial safe conduct, but Hus was arrested almost immediately upon arriving.
    • In response, Ms. Macapagal Arroyo suspended arrest warrants against the group and issued safe conduct passes to leaders of the MILF, which will allow them to travel to Malaysia, where the peace talks will be held.
    • Seeing that neither diplomacy nor clemency were particularly successful, Alex flourished the camp grocery list, announcing to the head man that it was a letter of safe conduct from President Mugabe.
    • In return he will issue them a letter of safe conduct so that other members of his band will not bother them.
    • As the besiegers, violating their solemn promises for a safe conduct of the evacuees, attacked the column, he stoutly engaged them on a hill-feature called Shahi Tibbi until relieved by Bhai Ude Singh.