Translation of safe deposit in Spanish:

safe deposit

cámara acorazada, n.

Pronunciation /seɪf dəˈpɑzət/ /diˈpɑzət/


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    cámara acorazada feminine
    • The capsule contains the details of a safety deposit box in Swiss bank.
    • Finding no takers, Hanna deposited them in a bank safe-deposit box in Hicksville, New York.
    • If this doesn't suit you, consider placing crucial passwords in a sealed envelope, which you can lodge along with your will at your solicitors, or in a safety-deposit box at the bank.
    • Former Keighley Cougars chairman Carl Metcalfe told the jury the woman concocted the allegations after he discovered jewellery belonging to him had been taken from a bank's safety deposit box.
    • The cash is now nestled in a safety deposit box at the hotel.
    • And it should be locked away in Carlo Fiore's safety deposit box at the bank.
    • It was found in a bank safety deposit box after Teddy's cousin requested in late 1996 that it be forced open because he had lost the key.
    • On March 19 Toronto police executed a search warrant on the applicant's safety deposit box in a bank and made a seizure.
    • Yesterday the court heard Liburd was helped by his partner and his sister to hide more than £40,000 in a bank safety deposit box.
    • Some wear them all the time, while others store them in a safety deposit boxes.
    • In 1994, a thief made his own master key to a series of hotel safe-deposit boxes and stole $1.5 million in jewels.
    • He kept his unpublished mathematical researches in a bank's safe-deposit box.
    • I haven't found any verification, but physical safe-deposit boxes have probably been offered by banks ever since banks have existed.
    • Store at least one set of backups off-site (a safe-deposit box is a good place) and at least one set on-site.
    • First off, the safe-deposit box metaphor (Cyber-Ark calls it a ‘Network Vault: (tm)) makes no sense.’
    • With several of RBC's banking packages, clients receive a discount on their annual Safe Deposit Box rental fee
    • I don't think the average person has a safe deposit box any more.
  • 2also safe-deposit box

    caja de seguridad feminine