Translation of safe house in Spanish:

safe house

piso franco, n.


  • 1

    piso franco masculine
    enterradero masculine River Plate
    • He moves from safe house to safe house, swapping mobile phones and e-mail addresses every 48 to 72 hours.
    • The leaders are compelled to move daily from safe house to safe house to avoid being exterminated.
    • And as you've been seeing on the news, we have been targeting their hideouts, their safe houses, their meeting locations, weapons caches, and getting very good results.
    • This follows the discovery of prototype devices during a raid on a safe house at an undisclosed location, the analyst said.
    • She returned South to lead hundreds of slaves to freedom during the 1850s on the Underground Railroad, a network of safe houses and hiding places from the South to the North.
    • Do not abandon partners, and, above all, do not allow the location of the safe house to fall into enemy hands.
    • The detainee can be used to positively identify terrorists, show safe houses and weapons caches, or identify other activities that are of military value to the battalion.
    • She does say that he came under suspicion from time to time, used safe houses for his work, and had several pseudonyms.
    • Monk witnesses a man in a Chinese mob being murdered, and has to stay in a FBI safe house as a result.
    • The two-year scheme will see the creation of safe houses and is expected to create better intelligence on the criminals behind the trafficking.
    • The course included surveillance and photographing facilities, the establishment and use of safe houses, covert travel and writing secret reports.
    • The Underground Railroad was a network of safe houses, churches and shelters instrumental in helping an estimated 30,000 slaves escape to free states and Canada during the 19th century.
    • In desperation they flee their own country, and pay around £15,000 to the criminal gangs, to provide them with safe houses and forged documents to get them into the country.
    • In the immediate term, hiding Dutch politicians in safe houses to protect them from assassination is probably necessary.
    • Surface-to-air missile batteries and radar sites, armored units, governmental buildings, and safe houses were systematically taken out.
    • Mexican troops and federal agents launched this daytime raid on drug gang safe houses over the weekend.
    • In the later years, major state intelligence agencies had their safe houses to detain and question Tiger guerrilla suspects.
    • The US also reportedly fired tank shells into hotels being used as safe houses by Mahdi Army militiamen (the hotels usually house pilgrims to the shrines).
    • More Iraqi civilians are defying the insurgents' intimidation to give Iraqi forces tips on the locations of hidden roadside bombs, weapons caches and rebel safe houses.
    • There are shocking charges tonight that more than a dozen motel owners in Arizona have been turning their rooms into safe houses for illegal aliens.