Translation of safe sex in Spanish:

safe sex

sexo seguro, n.


  • 1

    sexo seguro masculine
    sexo sin riesgo masculine
    • Even safe sex is defined as sexual intercourse with a condom.
    • An overwhelming majority of all educators were willing to teach their learners about human sexuality and safe sex practices.
    • Yet we are lying to these children because we tell them condoms = safe sex.
    • In the UK, results in favour of circumcision do not outweigh the protection offered by practising safe sex and using condoms.
    • For some workers sexual pleasure was more important than the concern for safe sex.
    • If you know people are going to have sex, you have to promote safe sex.
    • HIV-prevention discussions that should be about safe sex now focus on having less sex.
    • Workers generally felt that casual sex was acceptable as long as safe sex was practised.
    • Children of all ages and both sexes need to be taught about safe sex.
    • We had to teach them not only about sex but also about having safe sex.
    • Here in New York some dykes seem particularly attached to the idea of practicing safe sex, but I wonder if it's more of a hobby than a medical necessity.
    • If a person does not want to perform safe sex, it's not going to happen.
    • This equation influences gay and bisexual men in their decisions about whether to adopt or to drop safe sex.
    • Perhaps the factor most commonly identified as an impediment to safe sex is substance abuse.
    • If you do decide to have sex, be sure she speaks with her health care provider about her safe sex options.
    • Some gay men were clear that arousal did not interfere with their intention to use safe sex.
    • For straight teenagers, safe sex primarily means not getting pregnant!
    • But it would be irresponsible and sexist to proclaim all the onus for safe sex is on the girls alone.
    • Powell told a global forum on MTV, everyone should talk candidly about safe sex and condoms.
    • Coburn is fervently opposed to campaigns promoting condom use and safe sex.