Translation of safety factor in Spanish:

safety factor

factor de seguridad, n.


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    factor de seguridad masculine
    • Placing your hard-earned money with less secure firms in less well-regulated regimes because their offers are more enticing is simply taking on an increased element of risk and lowering your safety factor - perhaps unwisely.
    • When no studies of the developmental toxicity of a pesticide have been undertaken, EPA should automatically incorporate a child-protective safety factor into risk assessment.
    • Other benefits of a diesel installation of this sort include the safety factor (as there is less risk of combustible instances!) and increased deck space.
    • ‘I had been very keen to run two to three times a week but found winter evenings prohibitive because of the safety factor,’ says Janet tracing back what incited her to form the club.
    • The variety and quality of toys available for children today seem to require that buying parents have high IQs and big bank accounts as well as an understanding of the safety factor of the toys.
    • We always have to keep in mind the safety factor.
    • Falcon stressed the safety factor in choosing the overland route.
    • Council official Davy Walsh said, however, that there were a lot of factors to consider with regards to this issue, such as safety factors relating to the lights themselves and also the cost of extra staffing.
    • But there's safety factors involved in other parts of this mission that are so important for space exploration right now.
    • In closing, I invite any member of the police authority to explain the safety factors that deter them giving consent for taxis to use bus lanes.
    • Access to this site would be very close to the entrance to Woodcot Avenue and I am concerned how far safety factors have been considered.
    • Every move, regardless of its safety factors, has the potential to do injury.
    • He said the absence of both safety factors had been the main cause of numerous fatal traffic accidents.