Translation of safety harness in Spanish:

safety harness

arnés de seguridad, n.


  • 1

    arnés de seguridad masculine
    • It also said that Mr Kneller received inadequate briefing and supervision and should have been given an approved safety harness rather than a restraint belt.
    • A window cleaner who plunged 45 ft to his death from a third-floor window ledge must not have had his safety harness fastened, an inquest heard.
    • Lead instructor Alan Taylor, who has a reassuring Scottish accent, clips me into a safety harness that hangs from a moving trackway.
    • Also, never forget to fasten your safety harness.
    • Bryce shrugged and toyed with the strap of his safety harness.
    • He obviously hadn't bothered to clamp on the safety harness, either.
    • He smiled to himself as he fastened a safety harness around his chest and anticipated the adventure before him.
    • We get some very quick instruction on how to strap ourselves into the safety harness.
    • But Coroner Geoff Fell said: ‘It appears he went to level 15 and beyond the safety barriers, and without a safety harness.’
    • While Leonard had been wearing a safety harness some time before the fall, a senior police office on the scene said: ‘We are assuming he was unhooked.’
    • Parcelli, tethered by a safety harness, remained with the Chinook, but Roberts fell to the ground from about five feet.
    • Employed by a subcontractor, the teenager was not wearing a safety harness at the time of the fall and may not have received proper induction training.
    • Despite a sturdy safety harness, Soldini's codesigner and best friend, Andrea Romanelli, was washed overboard, never to be seen again.
    • At least seven construction workers were on the scaffolding at the time, the man said, claiming, too, that one of them climbed up the scaffolding without a safety harness.
    • This meant climbing to the top of the 80 ft mast in a safety harness, with the yacht plunging in gusts of wind and a choppy sea, and holding on for dear life for five hours while she attached a spare halyard.
    • Part of the mechanism for hoisting and lowering the mainsail gave way and the only way to fix it was to go aloft - a daunting task, even with a safety harness.
    • The court heard that Mr Illingworth was not wearing a safety harness because he found it impracticable and inconvenient.
    • In a split second I went over the side, into the water, and the boat started to drag me alongside by my safety harness.
    • Safety legislation makes the worker wear a helmet or a safety harness, whether he wants to or not.
    • Nobody would even think to stop you, attach a safety harness, check the structural integrity of the building, or get the owner of the building to sign liability wavers, etc.