Traducción de safety valve en Español:

safety valve

válvula de seguridad, n.


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    válvula de seguridad femenino
    • He designed a safety valve to prevent the pressure of steam building up to dangerous levels.
    • The harnessing of solar energy by photosynthesis depends on a safety valve that effectively eliminates hazardous excess energy and prevents oxidative damage to the plant cells.
    • I wasn't satisfied with the strength of the cylinders in which the pressurised, volatile mixture was carried, and I wanted more tests carried out on the safety valve intended to prevent blowbacks.
    • If total resistance is low, perhaps due to an internal short circuit in a motor, current flows so fast it can overheat the wire and burn through the insulation, unless there is a safety valve, such as a fuse.
    • By 1865 the safety valve was fast disappearing.
    • Under normal conditions, the kidneys act as a safety valve to eliminate glucose above a certain threshold and prevent further accumulation.
    • As a result, they knew how the plant functioned and understood that some releases functioned as a safety valve.
    • With a garden hose connected to this safety valve, you can direct some of the overflow after a heavy rain out into the garden.
    • With no systematic way to address errors, the network has no built-in safety valve that allows it to correct the record.
    • When engineers build systems to manage enormous pressure, they usually design in points of release known as safety valves.
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    válvula de escape femenino
    • Showing images of mere reversal may in fact provide a safety valve for the social tensions that the women's movement has created by demanding a more dominant role for women.
    • Certain elements within the ruling class regarded the party as a useful potential safety valve amid mounting social tensions.
    • Releasing our emotions can act as a safety valve - relieving inner tensions, like steam out of a kettle.
    • They sometimes tolerated a certain level of unauthorised absenteeism, recognising that it could function as a relatively harmless safety valve for the anger and resentments of enslaved people.
    • But humor is a strange thing: it's a psychological safety valve, a means of voicing ‘unacceptable’ feelings.
    • In this way the community meetings act as a safety valve, allowing the local people to come together, ask questions and learn the truth.
    • Art is not a challenge, it turns out, of existing institutions, but a relatively harmless substitute for such a challenge, a safety valve.
    • He's finding working life immensely stressful, and the reckless boozing feels like a safety valve for him.
    • The Times affords itself no similar set of safety valves to release steam when the paper becomes the issue.
    • The idea that talking about your feelings functions as a kind of safety valve, allowing psychic pressure to be vented just as excess steam is allowed to escape from a blocked pipe, is sometimes referred to as the cathartic theory of emotion.
    • This was intended to act as a safety valve at times of mounting international pressure.
    • I've seen every journal and notebook I've ever owned as a safety valve against the steam that just natural builds up the pressure in my mind and heart.
    • Even worse, they continue, is the possibility that the governments of India and China will build up huge armies in order to provide a safety valve for the young men's aggressive energies.
    • As a safety valve for parents who desperately need alternatives to schools in catastrophic condition, vouchers may work as a short-term balm, and as a prod to reform.