Translation of salad in Spanish:


ensalada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsæləd/ /ˈsaləd/

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    ensalada feminine
    salad servers utensilios para (servir) ensalada
    • The Nouveau goes well with cold cuts, salads, poultry, meat dishes and cheese.
    • You can also use the young leaves of Florence Fennel in salads and other cold dishes.
    • Hey, I even started putting oil and vinegar on my salads instead of salad cream.
    • This unctuous purée is good served with barbecued lamb cutlets and a green salad, or with cold corned beef or ham.
    • I like to prepare my own food and try not to do things that are too complicated, usually vegetables, salads and occasionally fish.
    • I hope they run wild on the island, because I used up my five ingredients in the salad.
    • The evening meal was also two courses with the main course being some form of meat accompanied with potatoes and either vegetables or a salad.
    • Nuts and nut oil are increasingly being used in cooking and can often be a hidden ingredient in dishes such as lasagne, salads and desserts.
    • Leon received praise for its reasonably priced salads, grilled vegetables, Cajun fish and lamb meatballs.
    • 5 Now, toss the salad with the dressing and make mounds in the centre of two serving plates.
    • The menu features hot and cold salads and starters including maize mozai and pastrami.
    • My partner and I had the Mediterranean salad and the mushroom gratin to start, for main the salmon fillet and fillet of beef.
    • Serve this as a light starter or with some slices of mozzarella as a main meal salad for vegetarians.
    • She said Jayne could order a house salad and garlic bread if she wanted, but that would be extra.
    • People are stopping buying whole-head lettuce and buying bags and trays of prepared mixed salads.
    • The salad was pretty basic: lettuce, a slice of tomato and no dressing that either of us could detect.
    • To make the salad, tear or slice the lettuce and put in a large bowl with the cheese and spring onions or chives.
    • Rocket can be successively sown to provide a leafy injection of pepper to your salads and is ideal for a partially shaded spot.
    • It is still a widely held view that vegetarians eat salad and raw carrots, and miss out on vital nutrients contained in meat.
    • The white flesh has a fine texture, making it suitable for salads, and responds well to all the standard ways of cooking fish.