Translation of sallow in Spanish:


cetrino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsæloʊ/ /ˈsaləʊ/

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adjective sallower, sallowest

  • 1

    • Other patients who had pale lips, sallow complexion and bleeding had fewer mitochondria in the parietal cells of the stomach and these had obviously damaged cristal membranes. c.
    • The shaken man described one of the attackers as thin, in his early 20s, with long thin face and a Mexican-style moustache and sallow complexion.
    • Whiteside is described as 5ft 6in tall, slim, with short hair which is balding on top and going grey on sides, a sallow complexion and brown eyes.
    • The driver is described as a white male, late 20s or early 30s, thin build, 5ft 9ins, with dark hair and a sallow complexion, unshaven and wearing a dark sweater and trousers.
    • Looking at her closer, he notes her sallow eyes and pale complexion.
    • A person with strong digestive organs has a yellowish complexion with luster and a person with a disease of the digestive organs has a sallow complexion and is emaciated, fatigued or has a diseased color that is hard to describe with words.
    • The small man with the sallow complexion and expressionless eyes seems to have made no particular impression on anyone with whom he came into contact during that time.
    • His black hair was drawn up in thick spikes, and he had a sallow face which was a ghastly white.
    • The first thing that frightened me was the pale sallow color of my skin, which I originally thought was from my extreme and deathly loss of blood.
    • A thin zombie-like man with yellow sallow skin, long stringy hair and bloodshot eyes stared at them.
    • Werner's voice was a bit sharp; he was rattled by something almost feverish in her tone, and those twin spots of raspberry colour high on Gretina's normally sallow cheeks.
    • Her eyes sparkled and her completion had lost its sallow look.
    • Brandon and Gordon looked and faced down a long-haired, sallow youth just a little older than Gordon.
    • For a moment, he simply watched his sleeping lover - he'd lost weight to a foul stomach and not eating for several days; his eyes were sunken, and sallow splotches had began to discolor his skin.
    • Russo finally reached the booth himself, the manager of the theater, a balding, middle-aged man with sallow skin and nervous eyes, was standing there waiting for him.
    • His skin was sallow and shiny from the feverish sweat that drenched him as it had before in the foyer, but how long had he been like this, sitting here without aid?
    • He looked even worse than before, only this time he had beads of sweat dripping down his sallow skin and his nostrils were flared in his over-large nose.
    • The skin hung loosely on her body and the flesh had a sallow tint to it.
    • His short and curly dark hair was tousled from a morning of sleep and his usually olive skin had the sallow tone of the hungover.
    • Her face was a sallow pale color, her eyes wide and wild with pain and fear.