Translation of salmon pink in Spanish:

salmon pink

rosa salmón, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsæmənˈpɪŋk/


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    (invariable adjective) rosa salmón
    (invariable adjective) rosa asalmonado


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    rosa salmón masculine
    rosa asalmonado masculine
    • Lots of the corridors at the hospital are painted a sort of salmon pink.
    • The kitchen has been decorated with great style in salmon pink.
    • Rains fell several weeks ago, and now the desert tones have flushed to a salmon pink dusted with new green vegetation.
    • " I really can't imagine footballers wearing salmon pink.
    • She's wearing a tight T-shirt dress in salmon pink, black fingerless gloves, black kneepads and black Nike socks.
    • The wallpaper was a salmon pink, and the dado rail painted white.
    • Harry sported a salmon pink tie while William wore a deep red tie, with beige waistcoats.
    • Salmon pink and beautifully delicate, this fizz has subtle, fruity aromas and strawberry ice-lolly flavours without the sweetness.
    • Their owners knew what they liked, and if they liked swirly carpet and salmon pink and ugly china figurines, then, really, so what?
    • The Queen, wearing a salmon pink coat with a black hat, handbag and gloves, spoke to a number of RAF veterans after the service.
    • Diners enter through the bar and are led to an adjoining dining room with salmon-pink walls.
    • He lives in the city and has at least one salmon-pink shirt in his wardrobe.
    • He sat on a desk in his salmon-pink tie, blue shirt, chinos, and twirled the toes of his brown brogues.
    • Ken was dressed in the latest Carnaby Street fashions: intricately patterned salmon-pink jacket, cream slacks, and a matching cream cravat, in lurex.
    • Beyond its salmon-pink arched gateway, sprinklers water manicured lawns offering the luxury - and price tag - of the Algarve.
    • It has medium-sized, rather dainty salmon-pink and vermilion flowers that open relatively early on a mature plant.
    • The dark salmon-pink and grey plumage of the waxwing is topped off by an impressive crest.
    • The Metropolitan Police are under immense pressure to explain how a bearded man in a salmon-pink ballgown could so easily have gatecrashed Prince William's birthday party at Windsor Castle.