Translation of salt pan in Spanish:

salt pan

salina, n.


  • 1

    salina feminine
    • The lagoon was ideal for salt pans - shallow basins that could be opened to allow in the tide, then closed so the water could evaporate.
    • The surface of Central Australia's Stuart Highway may be ribbon-smooth, but to each side of it are ancient red sand ridges and ochre salt pans.
    • The salt pans on which his wealth was based are now overgrown with thorny scrub; the channel that once linked lagoon to ocean choked by prickly pear and cactus.
    • The residents of Salt Island were right at the bottom of the social pile, subsistence fishing and working the salt pans while living barely out of slavery.
    • The same facilities have also been used to load salt from the solar salt pans at Price, about ten kilometres north of Ardrossan.