Translation of saltbox in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈsɔltˌbɑks/ /ˈsɔːltbɒks/


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    casa antigua de dos pisos (in US)
    • It was a saltbox style building with a second saltbox attached as an ell to the first giving the inn two identical facades when viewed from a corner.
    • Mingling the best of old and new, the renovated saltbox remains faithful to its humble origins while accommodating the personality of its residents.
    • Their domicile was a very simple affair, a clapboard saltbox with a ‘parlor’ and kitchen on the left side and two bedrooms on the right, built ‘in the round’, with no hallway.
    • The couple lived in apartments for 30 years before taking the real estate plunge, buying a 1939 saltbox that they remade as their own.
    • The 15 duplexes, designed by architect Jerry Weisburd of Housecraft Builders, evoke traditional rural structures such as the New England saltbox.