Translation of salute in Spanish:


saludo, n.

Pronunciation /səˈlut/ /səˈl(j)uːt/


  • 1

    saludo masculine
    venia feminine River Plate
    • I lifted my glass in salute to all my American friends, enjoying the big Thanksgiving meal, and thought with only a tinge of envy of the delights of roast turkey with all the trimmings.
    • In a final mark of respect, a rescue helicopter circled low over the bay, dropped a wreath into the sea, and dipped its nose in salute to those on the headland.
    • When the jet reached Manchester Airport, the aircraft's wings were tipped in salute to its new home before circling and touching down.
    • ‘To absent friends,’ said Karen, in salute to their recently departed comrades.
    • Just before she vanished from my sight, she turned, and waved her great crystal sword at me in salute.
  • 2

    (firing of guns)
    salva feminine
    a 21-gun salute una salva de 21 cañonazos
    • Excitement still pervaded the air, which hummed with voices and the crackle and pop of logs in the fire like a twenty-one gun salute.
    • She received a 21-gun salute during the welcoming ceremony at Merdeka Palace.
    • Hu, who released a short statement outlining the goals of his visit, was given a 21-gun salute as part of an official welcoming ceremony, she said.
    • As the procession moved up river, Tower Bridge raised its bascules in tribute while gun salutes came from the Tower of London and HMS Belfast.
    • A large media presence and a gun salute only enhanced the occasion.
  • 3

    homenaje masculine
    reconocimiento masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (officer) saludar
    to salute the flag saludar la bandera
    • I'm reminded of the famous essay by the semiotician Roland Barthes, who analysed an image of a black soldier saluting the French flag.
    • I remember when the bonded labourers decided to salute the national flag for the first time, on Independence Day in 1983.
    • True patriotism is more than saluting the flag and obeying the current administration.
    • Keller looked back at the ceremonial bandstand to see Admiral Warren saluting the flyby.
    • Both Becca and Kade saluted as soon as they caught sight of the Admiral, snapping to attention almost in unison.
  • 2formal

    (acknowledge, pay tribute)
    (courage/achievement) rendir homenaje a
    I can only salute your singlemindedness no puedo sino aplaudir su determinación
    • When two boxers trade punches for 12 rounds, we salute the champion and respect the loser.
    • Let's all salute an achievement of truly monumental proportions.
    • To my colleagues who aspired for this position, I salute you and respect you for the good fight we had.
    • Other workers have saluted and respected their determination and defiance, and blame Labour for the intransigence of the employers.
    • Those people who can freely put their inner most thoughts, feelings and emotions on the web I salute and send you my admiration.
  • 3formal

    (friend/person/event) saludar
    • As we walked, I saw many men greeting or saluting us by kissing her forefinger and bringing it to their forehead.
    • She waved cheerfully and Kyle saluted her right back.
    • Players saluted supporters and the fans hailed their heroes who, at the third attempt in seven roller-coaster seasons, had managed to avoid instant relegation.
    • The monarch, who will bear the title Mary I of Ireland, graciously saluted subjects who gathered to hail their new queen outside Dublin Castle.
    • Masurao left the room, saluting Taro with a jaunty wave.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer el saludo
    hacer la venia River Plate
    to salute to sb hacerle el saludo a algn
    hacerle la venia a algn