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mismo, adj.

Pronunciación /seɪm/

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    the same as sth
    they live at the same address viven en la misma dirección
    • don't make the same mistake again no vuelvas a cometer el mismo error
    • the two boxes are exactly the same las dos cajas son exactamente iguales
    • you men are all the same todos los hombres son iguales
    • she's not the same person ya no es la misma
    • this place won't be the same without you esto no va a ser lo mismo sin ti
    • these shoes will never be the same again estos zapatos ya no volverán a ser lo que eran
    • it's always the same siempre pasa lo mismo
    • For such a small place you would expect the price of the same item in different stores to be almost identical.
    • It's funny how different people remember the same event in different ways.
    • It tells the stories of three families of different culture in the same borough of London and is an exuberant read.
    • These are both the same drug, under different names, used to control angina.
    • Different shops gave entirely different recommendations for the same person.
    • How can we all be so different with almost the same physical features and emotional needs?
    • Christian crusaders and missionaries had the same aim under a different banner.
    • Sets of books would be used by different teachers to teach the same subject in different classes.
    • Is this a different ship or the same ship that is believed to have sunk off Kochi?
    • In a small universe, light from the same source would arrive in the same place from different directions.
    • It can't be co-incidence that we're guided to the same place by different people!
    • What he did say was that the website said the same thing in different words, and that the difference was only subtle.
    • HP additionally made it possible to run processors of different speeds in the same server.
    • Although the language used is different, the same grievances are being aired.
    • The colour-coded chart in his office tells the same story in a different way.
    • Different parts of the same plant, such as the flowers or seeds, can have very different actions.
    • Cells from the same species and of the same type can glycosylate differently.
    • Research shows that even experienced educators differ when assessing the same event.
    • Her clothes, the same ones I saw her wearing last, a white t-shirt and combat trousers.
    • So she put her hair up in the same ponytail as last night and casually put on any clothes.


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    the same lo mismo
    • thanks, I'll do the same for you sometime gracias, algún día haré lo mismo por ti
    • I wish I could say the same ¡ojalá pudiera decir lo mismo!
    • are you Arthur Biggs? — the (very) same ¿es usted Arthur Biggs?— ¡el mismo que viste y calza!
    • I'll have the same para mí lo mismo
    • the same goes for you también va por ti
    • I found the hotels were excellent — yes, we found the same los hoteles nos parecieron excelentes — sí, a nosotros también
    • In other matters of form, the opening scenes were very much the same as in previous years.
    • Irrespective of the size of the company the employment issues are still the same, he said.
    • The present format of the draw will remain the same as will the two euro play.
    • The third photograph is of another young woman possibly the same as in the previous one.
    • The basal hydroponic solution used was the same as that described previously.
    • It is broadly the same as the previous one, but rises to five storeys in places to accommodate bigger flats.
    • The basic problem with this government is the same as with all previous Labour administrations.
    • There was only the one herd restricted, which is the same as in the previous year.
    • The growth conditions of winter genotypes were the same as described previously.
    • The general conditions regarding eligibility will be the same as in previous years.
    • The very same neighbour recalls seeing a wheelie bin out for collection on occasions.
    • I came from the exact same educational system as all of you, and it was quite inadequate.
    • May not, this man reasons, these same happy levers of government be employed in showbusiness?
    • The rate of price rises since January actually exceeds the rate for same period last year.
    • Similarly suppliers of frames and needles became established in the same geographical areas.
    • The same applies to the controls, with too many identical small switches in a row.
    • The same is true of the West's response, which has been all about creating an image of purposefulness.
    • The same was true with the deer population in areas where wolves were eradicated.
    • The same is true for all of the other British civil servants who are now running Montserrat.
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    with reference to your order and delivery of same con relación a su pedido y a la entrega del mismo
    • to dismantling clutch and repairing same por desmontar el embrague y repararlo
    • The same Mr. Samaranch recently made a statement: "I am sure that the Olympic Games in Beijing will be the best in Olympic history".
    • All age groups are welcome to participate and sponsorship of same would be very welcome.
    • The same woman waited until the delicately poised last chords of Mahler's slow movement to get up and leave.
    • It turns out that the head of same is a prominent member of the Australian Kurdish community.


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    the same igual
    • they're written differently but pronounced the same se escriben distinto, pero se pronuncian igual
    • how do you feel? — about the same ¿qué tal estás? — más o menos igual
    • I still feel the same about her sigo sintiendo lo mismo por ella
    • I treat all my students exactly the same trato exactamente igual a todos mis alumnos
    • I felt scared, (the) same as everybody else estaba asustada, como todos los demás
    • He broke down the tape, same as usual. He went through the goods and the bads, same as usual. He saw plenty of things that went wrong in Monday's Game 5, starting with losing the puck twice on the first shift, and ending with 40-plus shots that didn't get to the net.