Translation of sample in Spanish:


muestra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsæmpəl/ /ˈsɑːmp(ə)l/


  • 1

    muestra feminine
    a blood sample una muestra de sangre
    • a urine sample una muestra de orina
    • a rock sample una muestra de roca
    • a soil sample una muestra de suelo
    • sample question pregunta tipo
    • sample paper examen tipo
    • we looked at a few sample cases estudiamos algunos casos muestrales
    • If your doctor thinks you have a bladder infection, he or she will test a sample of your urine to find out if there are bacteria in it.
    • Laboratory workers unaware of the disease status of the participants analysed blood samples for C pneumoniae using whole organism antigen and time resolved fluorimetry.
    • The cross sections of the samples are analyzed, and the pigments are identified under a polarizing or scanning electron microscope.
    • The International Commission on Missing Persons will analyze bone samples.
    • In 15 years, when it's even easier to analyze a DNA sample, might governments not see DNA as the last word in personal identification?
    • The first step is to have a blood sample analyzed for its HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) profile.
    • Grain and hay samples were analyzed for DM, ash, and soluble protein.
    • Surprisingly simple, this machine analyzes the blood samples of several people at once, and then differences show up as peaks on this computer.
    • To date over 9,000 samples have been analysed in the UK and around 80% have come back showing some evidence of infection.
    • Australian police yesterday won the right to analyse genetic samples taken from a prime suspect in the suspected murder of a Yorkshire backpacker.
    • To date, more than 44,000 blood samples have been analysed from over 760 herds, drawn from 26 counties.
    • The samples were analysed by the internationally respected Cawthron Institute in Nelson, New Zealand.
    • The samples are being analysed and the results will be posted on the division's website by October 2001.
    • Nearly half did not analyse samples in the most effective way.
    • If you are in any doubt consider having a sample analysed.
    • There is a specific provision in the Act for the consumer to get the sample analysed in the laboratory established for the purpose.
    • The samples were analyzed by the University of North Carolina - Asheville's Environmental Quality Institute.
    • We conduct science activity camps such as life sciences or nature camps where students are taught how to collect and analyse samples and discuss their findings.
    • Overall, the scientists found chlorogenic acid to be the predominant compound in all the samples analyzed.
    • An accredited laboratory can help by analyzing a dust sample.
  • 2

    muestra feminine
    (goods) (before noun) de muestra
    a free sample una muestra gratuita
    • a factory sample una muestra de fábrica
    • sample case/book muestrario
    • sample pack paquete de muestras
    • These representatives of companies travelled round the country displaying samples to prospective customers and taking orders.
    • In a now-famous experiment, recounted in Schwartz's book, researchers set up a table at a specialty food store, offering samples of jam.
    • A battle is raging for the hearts and wallets of new mothers as two companies compete to distribute free samples of baby products in the country's biggest hospitals.
    • But none of them could sell their products, and none of them could provide free samples of their product until after the judges had sampled their wares.
    • Salon brands, like Aveda and Kheil's, have mini-sized products and free samples that are perfect for tiny budgets and tiny baskets!
    • When customers visit the shop, free samples of some of your best product is always a smart loss-leader.
    • Stall-holders often complain that they give away copious free samples but do not make many sales, which suggests to me that the right audience is not getting to them.
    • Gillette has given away 80,000 product samples at matches up and down the country, all without incident.
    • During the classes we are given samples of the food that the chefs are demonstrating as well as matching wines.
    • The centre also hopes to set up a trail around the town by asking local food retailers to offer samples of their fare or special offers.
    • I just wish they'd give away free samples or sell smaller-sized bags so I can more cheaply see which formula this puppy prefers.
    • I was in the kitchen, baking old-fashioned recipes, giving away free samples and recipe cards.
    • One strategy taken from traditional marketing, is to give away free samples.
    • Some also give away free samples to encourage you to buy.
    • Rather, he wants it to serve the same function as one of those toothpicked food samples at the supermarket: a way to entice consumers to buy the whole shebang.
    • Only customer samples are available now, with full-scale production commencing in Q3, the company admitted.
    • Some catering companies will provide food samples also.
    • Gardeners, cooks and veggies mix in a celebration of education, spectacle, fun and food samples.
    • Those who were unfamiliar with the taste of the halwas took a bite from the sample cups.
    • My friend's quesadilla is so good that my one-bite sample turns into a whole quarter of her meal.
  • 3

    (for statistics)
    muestra feminine
    a representative sample una muestra representativa
    • we took a random sample hicimos un muestreo aleatorio
    • in 16 sample libraries en 16 bibliotecas tomadas como muestra
    • To study a distribution, take random samples from a population and analyze them.
    • Fifteen studies examined total populations or random samples of such populations.
    • Five trials either did not report a clear calculation of sample size or failed to achieve the intended sample size.
    • The same causal model applied to the whole sample and the split samples of students born in Hong Kong and on the mainland.
    • For the whole sample, we identified whether participants were high or low on locus and controllability.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (food) degustar
    (food) gustar
    (food) probar
    sample the delights of traditional Greek hospitality descubra las delicias de la tradicional hospitalidad griega
    • The Food Fight offers a chance to sample food and drink prepared by more than 45 restaurants and beverage suppliers.
    • If you have room left over for dessert, you can sample the Honey Cake, which comes with fresh strawberries.
    • Of course we found an Irish pub before leaving and we sampled the food and drink on our last night after a hard week's work.
    • A Jamaican steel band and reggae entertainment are set to liven up the party at BBC WM and special guests can sample traditional food and drink.
    • Next up we sampled the Tuna Tataki, and again, it featured an inventive combination of textures and flavours: the seared tuna, served with grated radish and slivers of roasted garlic, lay on a crisp bed of greens.
    • The eat on the street is running on George's Street from 3-5 pm and will give everyone a chance to sample foods from other cultures.
    • Usda inspectors sample apples to gauge taste and other quality factors.
    • One of the highlights was the Tuscan vineyard and the opportunity to sample the wine and food after a guided tour of the 1000-year-old winery.
    • Once at the beach everyone was free to go local, sample snacks and drinks at the beach tavernas, swim nude, or just hang out.
    • Women will contribute to a potluck refreshment stand where they sample nutritional food that can help reduce certain health risks and problems.
    • We enjoyed some excellent food and they sampled a few more varieties of Canadian wines and beers, all of which they had commented quite favourably on.
    • The stalls on the side of the road tend to sell cheap touristy products, but you should check them out anyway to sample some of the food items.
    • You may also want to set up a booth at the front desk and let members sample food for your healthy cooking class or have your new salon dab free lotion on members' hands as they leave.
    • There will be cookery demonstrations, videos, information and, of course, a chance to sample some of the delicious food that will be on display.
    • Don't miss the chance to sample the wines that this family has been producing since the 1880s.
    • Start with water, and sample the other five foods to see which work best for you.
    • Tonight I had the opportunity to sample Pop Secret's Honey Butter Popcorn.
    • The three of us stop at the Boeger Winery tasting room to sample their Barbera varietal.
    • Here you can sample the produce and talk to the knowledgeable guides, who'll also show you the rows off vines planted on the rocky soils of the hills behind.
    • Do they prefer sampling a product in a store, or getting a trial package in the mail?