Translation of sand in Spanish:


arena, n.

Pronunciation /sænd/ /sand/

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  • 1

    arena feminine
    sand-colored color arena
    • The work could be viewed both from boats cruising the bay and from a deserted beach lined with sand dunes.
    • Fort Lauderdale Beach Promenade along Atlantic Boulevard provides scenic and easy access to miles of golden sand beaches.
    • A perfect view of the ocean stretched out before her, the waves rolling slowly towards the rock and sand of the beach.
    • The main attraction of Wollogorang Station is the 80 km of yellow sand beaches and river estuaries
    • With no collection system, mountains of empty plastic bottles pile up in sand dunes behind its white sand beaches.
    • The land was mostly flat and featureless; even the most desolate of the southern deserts had some rolling sand dunes and some cacti.
    • There has been speculation the maverick Republicans use the isolated sand dunes along Ballyhornan beach to test fire guns and explosives.
    • There is another irony about desert sand dunes: They are a product of both aridity and water.
    • The action of the play takes place in a remote ramshackle beach house built on sand dunes.
    • A part of him refused to entertain the notion that when he reached its edge, he would be confronted by miles of unrelenting desert sand.
    • The Umbra came to rest in the center of a small ring of rocks, its landing struts sinking into the fine desert sand.
    • About two kilometers around the lake, the sand beach turned into rocks and there was a huge cliff over top.
    • I look out at two miles of white sand beach, lapped by water with a visibility of 200 feet.
    • This half-day guided tour will bring them right onto the golden sand dunes of Arabia in four-wheel drives.
    • The beach, which I'd always pictured as miles of golden sand, is actually a short stretch of pebbles.
    • As loose as dry sand, such crystals often constitute the critical weak layer of a slab avalanche.
    • Lanzarote is a volcanic island, which accounts for the dark sand on some beaches.
    • On the beach we placed our towels on the golden sand.
    • Should you prefer to keep your head above water, the beaches, with their fine golden sand and tall palms, won't disappoint.
    • It was beautiful, with golden sand and green vegetation further along the beach.
  • 2

    (expanse of sand)
    arena feminine
    the burning sands of the desert las ardientes arenas del desierto
    • to build on sand hacer castillos de arena
    • Exactly one month later, the Duke of Edinburgh officially opened the £1 million terminal and flew the Swift across the Goodwin Sands himself.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make smooth)
    (wood/furniture) lijar
    (floor) pulir
    • If the rust refuses to budge, use a #800 sand paper to sand the metal and repaint.
    • Some log furniture is sanded smooth, some are skipped peeled, some have the bark on and some are completely peeled.
    • After peeling the bark, the knots where the branches were need to be sanded to a very smooth finish.
    • Lightly sand the entire board smooth, but be careful not to remove too much finish from surrounding boards.
    • The bookcase and shelves were sealed with a primer, then sanded smooth with medium-grade sandpaper.
    • Cover the patch with compound, allow it to dry, and sand it smooth after drying.
    • The surfaces are built from slender pieces of 3/4-inch-thick plywood laminated together, then sanded smooth.
    • Joints and spackled areas should be thoroughly cured and sanded smooth.
    • Attach plywood with panel adhesive and brads and sand it flush with front edge.
    • Once it begins to wear out it is no longer sanding, but polishing, which will close the grain again.
    • Taking rough-grit sandpaper, sand the remaining membrane out of the gourd.
    • Corion can be sanded lightly using number 800 sandpaper.
    • The gesso ground is sanded smooth so that acrylic glazes bead up and acquire a high-resolution look while emphasizing the picture plane.
    • Sand blasting would leave marks and sand in the wood, which would have to be sanded out and filled in to obtain a smooth final finish.
    • Once I had it smooth I used some 220 grit Wet and Dry and sanded the edges smooth under running water.
    • Once it's completely dry, it can be sanded, drilled or cut with normal woodworking tools.
    • Once the worst pitting and damage is filed away, he sands the metal with a coarse sandpaper.
    • Start with 80-grit paper until the dent or scratch is sanded out, then finish-sand and feather into the surrounding area with 120-grit paper.
    • Lacquer, shellac, varnish stay on top of the wood; if worn off in traffic areas, usually the whole floor has to be sanded and refinished.
    • Aluminum siding, however, has a baked enamel finish so it can be sanded or scuffed up, then primed with a special etching primer developed just for this purpose.