Translation of sand castle in Spanish:

sand castle

castillo de arena, n.

Pronunciation /sænd ˈkæsəl/ /ˈsan(d)kɑːs(ə)l/


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    castillo de arena masculine
    • Boffins have dug up the right formula for a perfect sandcastle - in the sand on Bridlington beach.
    • After I ran out of breath, I sat down on the swing, and swung slowly as Alex sat on the sand and made sandcastles.
    • James, 31, from Cheadle Hulme, is known for his intricate sand sculptures and has previously built giant sandcastles on beaches in Australia and Thailand.
    • Frinton seafront was turned into an artistic display of sand sculptures, which were more than just a simple sandcastle.
    • The handsome actor, whose relationship with Angelina was thought to be one of the main reasons his marriage broke down, was photographed helping three-year-old Maddox build sandcastles on an African holiday.
    • Brad, who has made no secret off his desire to start a family, was photographed helping the little boy build sandcastles on an African holiday..
    • There's a real satisfaction in building something from scratch, even though the sandcastles only last until the tide comes in.
    • Posing in a variety of eye-catching designer ensembles, the 24-year-old flame-haired Lancashire lass scoffs a bag of chips on the prom, rides a merry-go-round and makes sandcastles on the beach.
    • Together in our full regalia we had fun in the sun; jet boating, paddling in the sea at Sumner, making enormous sandcastles, looking in on the new casino, going up the gondola and meditating in the wizard's nest.
    • There were great scenes as the party boarded for Dublin on their bus outside Johnny Finn's and spirits were high as the team looked forward to spending a relaxing week strolling the beach and building sandcastles together.
    • Stripey towels and sandcastles will be the flavour of the day with up to 2,000 sun-worshippers expected to flock to the park for the party, organised jointly by Trowbridge Town Council and the town's youth council.
    • While other toddlers build sandcastles on the beach, four-year-old Connor and two-year-old Dalton must take refuge indoors, donning sunglasses to ease the stinging in their eyes.
    • More than a dozen beach huts are to be transformed into cocktails, sandcastles and an octopus as part of an art project
    • The traditional seaside holiday with sandcastles on wide open beaches could disappear within 100 years if the effects of climate change go unchecked, English Nature warned today.
    • It would be nice to see her building sandcastles on Bridlington beach with her kids.
    • It's like we are building sandcastles near the ocean - our fathers built one - and we're always afraid that while we are sleeping at night, it might get washed away.
    • On his travels, Vernon makes sandcastles on beaches he visits.
    • In his new global warming epic, the whole Northern Hemisphere is at his mercy and he sets about global annihilation with the destructive glee of a toddler kicking over sandcastles.
    • From babies to grannies, everybody was enjoying themselves playing ball, building sandcastles or just basking in the glory of the sweltering rays.
    • There were children building sandcastles and surfers wading out into the water carrying their surf boards under their arms.