Translation of sandalwood in Spanish:


sándalo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsændlˌwʊd/ /ˈsand(ə)lwʊd/


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    sándalo masculine
    • Sitting in the centre of Wanfuge, the largest pavilion, is a 26-metre statue of Maitreya, Buddha of the Future, carved out of a single trunk of a white sandalwood tree.
    • A tall sandalwood tree, the transverse section of a teak trunk and the colossal egg of an ostrich are some of the other fascinating exhibits.
    • But after the felling of a sandalwood tree inside the GNP, the authorities have decided not to allow the mahout and the animal into the park.
    • So now we're standing next to one of the sandalwood trees.
    • There was a pause during which I seemed to hear the regular gentle swish of the punkah and the steady buzzing of the cicadas in the sandalwood trees.
    • One of the trees found in tropical deciduous forests is the sandalwood tree.
    • That meant that gangs could be poaching the sandalwood and in the process killing the ‘sacred trees,’ elephants, and perhaps even people.
    • A sandalwood tree infected with this mycoplasma organism usually dies within three years.
    • The sandalwood needs to be planted with a host plant which provides nutrients for the first couple of years of its life.
    • The measures include special legislation, creating a sandalwood forest division and a task force for forest protection and the rehabilitation of tribals.
    • In the February issue, Marayoor, known for its natural sandalwood forests and prehistoric rock paintings, is featured.
    • Tell me about the sort of products you'd get out the sandalwood tree.
    • A group of militiamen, apparently unarmed, stood beneath a large sandalwood tree.
    • The Government should impose strict measures to contain illegal cutting down of sandalwood trees.
    • The area once rich with red sanders, sandalwood and teak trees, deer, boars, wild sheep and tigers, was widely plundered before it was declared a reserve forest.
    • Many of the islands are mountainous and heavily forested with teak, ebony, and sandalwood.
    • Likewise, it is ideal to encourage individuals to grow sandalwood trees.
    • He is also said to have slain more than 2,000 elephants for their tusks and felled thousands of sandalwood trees.
    • They had mapped out various routes through parts of the buffer zone of the reserve which has a number of sandalwood trees.
    • He switched on later to the lucrative clandestine trade of felling and smuggling of sandalwood trees.