Translation of sane in Spanish:


cuerdo, adj.

Pronunciation /seɪn/

See Spanish definition of cuerdo

adjective saner, sanest

  • 1

    (not mad)
    I began to wonder whether he was entirely sane empecé a preguntarme si estaba en sus cabales / en su sano juicio
    • it's the only thing that keeps me sane es lo que impide que me vuelva loco
    • The decision reopens a longstanding debate about whether mentally ill inmates can be executed if they are sane only while taking drugs.
    • Any sane person will agree that the culprit of the Kitwe accident cannot be described as a normal person.
    • Now that there have been two consultations, no sane person can claim that they have not had the opportunity to have their say!
    • Surely no sane person believes that this explosion of violence is restricted to our country.
    • Can any sane person accept that a civilized world should function in this way?
    • As we would all like to believe, Canada is a sane country and we are a sane people.
    • If you go to your local restaurant and behave like a sane person, no one cares.
    • Second, because it is simply incredible that any lawyer, or indeed any sane person, would give such advice.
    • I tend to think trading virtual futility for spiritual futility is a step no sane person would take.
    • Either way, nobody knew the man's mental state, but it was believed he was perfectly sane.
    • No sane person would, for example, start a high street pizzeria without first doing some homework concerning the market.
    • I have to watch my mouth around them and can't act crazy because they're so sane.
    • The Yorkshire Ripper was last night claimed to be planning a bid for freedom - by proving he is now sane.
    • The state had one expert and he never came out and actually testified that she was sane.
    • The sane traveler takes with them an almost inexhaustible supply of patience.
    • She raised an eyebrow; most people didn't seem to think she was sane when they first met her.
    • Every sane person will expect the Government to take sensible precautions.
    • Alana left in a hurry, leaving Angela wondering if her Mom had any sane friends left in Fallon Creek.
    • Michael is also the most sane member of this very, very dysfunctional family.
    • I wanted to prove to them that I was sane, and I figured the best way to do that would to act as calm as possible.
  • 2

    (views/advice/judgment) sensato
    • Persuade me also that there's a sane reason for dropping Cadenza from National Radio.
    • There is no sane reason to review the acting or storyline in A Night To Dismember.
    • I know nothing about shoe repair and resizing so I was wondering if this is a sane undertaking or if I should just cut my losses.