Translation of sanitize in Spanish:


desinfectar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsænəˌtaɪz/ /ˈsanɪtʌɪz/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • In addition to that, we do want to make sure that the ship is as sanitized and as clean as possible for the next sailing.
    • When the filler bowl is properly cleaned and sanitized, a sterile product contact is achieved.
    • They should then be sanitized by boiling in clean water or immersing them for 15 minutes in a solution of 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach per gallon of water.
    • He said: ‘It was disconcerting when people started wandering around with masks on and everything was being cleaned and sanitised.’
    • Tanning beds need to be sanitized with a special disinfectant after each use - and most aren't.
    • Stainless steel tanks can be easily cleaned and sanitized; hard floors are designed to drain dry; and all equipment is sited and mounted so that it can be cleaned thoroughly around, above, and below the unit.
    • The door or lid of the washing machine should be cleaned and sanitized to reduce the possibility of recontamination of attire upon removal from the washer.
    • All nestboxes also need an easy way to be cleaned and sanitized after each feathered family has taken flight, most especially before another family takes up residency.
    • This system ensures that the filling valve and both the exterior and interior surfaces of the valve assembly are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
    • Tools should be clean and sanitized as well as sharp.
    • This tendency to explore and walk on cage floors means it is extremely important that the floor bars be kept cleaned and sanitized.
    • Wiping cloths must be sanitized in sanitizing solution (1 tsp bleach / 2 litres of water) when not in use.
    • Cloth diapers, whether from a service or your own, should also be sanitized in the same way, as should toys and any items babies gum or chew on.
    • Darla followed me everywhere with an open bottle of rubbing alcohol and sanitized everything I went near.
    • Equipment used to prepare compost tea must be sanitized before use with an approved sanitizing agent.
    • The yard was like a landfill, and it looked as though the doorknob hadn't been sanitized in years.
    • Dispose of animal feces and sanitize anything they have touched.
    • He believes that the most likely explanation is the increasingly sanitized living conditions in developed countries.
    • To help prevent outbreaks, investigators suggested that cages be sanitized with bleach and water after each shipment.
    • Many efficient models conserve the energy used to heat water with a special booster inside the machine, which heats just a small volume of water to sanitize your dishes.
  • 2 derogatory

    (make inoffensive)
    hacer potable
    a sanitized version una versión aséptica
    • A large number of these declassified documents are sanitized, with source of information and names of informants removed for protection purposes.
    • To surrender to political correctness is simply to sanitize controversy so that no one's sensibilities are offended.
    • It's edited, composed on the page, cleaned up and sanitized.
    • Barney is full of safe, sanitised, clean, moral messages wrapped up in environmentally friendly songs and stories.
    • I agree that violence and explicit scenes should be sanitized but not at the expense of atmosphere or the story.