Translation of sarcasm in Spanish:


sarcasmo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɑrˌkæzəm/ /ˈsɑːkaz(ə)m/

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    sarcasmo masculine
    wonderful, he said, with heavy sarcasm —qué maravilla —dijo con gran sarcasmo / sorna
    • Watch out for scorn, sarcasm, ridicule and contempt and inappropriate humour.
    • There are jokes and smatterings of sarcasm and irony in Register stories but these aren't for you.
    • We can only presume that the index does not account for such complex concepts as sarcasm and irony.
    • Her voice was dripping with sarcasm and, Cole noted with amusement, jealousy.
    • Now is a time for cynics to drop their superior sneers, swap their sarcasm for a sleigh and listen to the Santa in their soul.
    • Despite missing her lines on a number of occasions, she made up for it with fantastic sneers and sarcasm.
    • There was a tinge of sarcasm in his voice and I could sense a laughter somewhere in the background.
    • Her voice dripping with cynical sarcasm, she said she would have those words mounted and framed.
    • His tone held a hint of mockery and sarcasm when he addressed her as young lady.
    • His wit, sarcasm, and sense of irony are not always easy to distinguish from where he is sincere.
    • Karen is quite a character, a woman of humor, sarcasm and extreme estrogen.
    • But sarcasm, whether or not it's the lowest form of wit, is an expression of weakness.
    • All sarcasm aside, the bottom line here is that the film just doesn't work.
    • All right, we admit sarcasm isn't the nicest way to make a point, but you have to admit it's effective.
    • Through sarcasm and dark comedic intonation, he seeks to expose true dilemmas and issues.
    • Although it looks like she is writing about the life she herself loves to lead, there is a certain amount of sarcasm in this book.
    • A mere two months ago every Friday was a virtual smorgasbord of sarcasm for me.
    • Witty sarcasm is fun, but back it up with something if you want it to be taken seriously.
    • Whenever the band got some coverage in music bible the NME, it was packed with sarcasm and cheap jibes.
    • From someone as sharp as Morrissey, blunt sarcasm is enormously disappointing.
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    sarcasmo masculine