Translation of satisfying in Spanish:


satisfactorio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsædəsˌfaɪɪŋ/ /ˈsatɪsfʌɪɪŋ/

Definition of satisfactorio in Spanish


  • 1

    (result/job) satisfactorio
    • Setting up you own business can be very satisfying and fulfilling, but it can be very lonely and isolating and is very hard work.
    • Volunteering and helping people in need can be both satisfying and fulfilling.
    • Save a few false notes and overlong lyrical passages, he has produced a wholly satisfying novel.
    • What emerges most of all from this thoroughly satisfying book, however, is the tragedy of our own ignorance about early American responses to the landscape.
    • The film is able to capture the essence of the story, but cannot find the subtle nuances that made the book such a satisfying read.
    • Fluffy, creamy and brimming with shrimp flavour, it's one of those satisfying crowd-pleasers.
    • Tomorrow we're heading to the Tate Modern, which is always a far more satisfying experience.
    • Raw food is much more nutritious than cooked food, and is more satisfying in smaller quantities.
    • Rich, elegant, fragrant and mystical, it provides a most satisfying dining experience.
    • What was most satisfying was the back and forth with the audience after the screenings.
    • For those who like to ponder weighty questions, this portion of the book will be an intellectually satisfying read.
    • To try to single out a recent painting as being particularly satisfying is difficult.
    • Perhaps that's why putting this issue together was such a deeply satisfying labor of love.
    • The resulting education is intense, engaged, and immensely satisfying and enjoyable.
    • Some surprising but immensely satisfying articles reflect Engel's reach.
    • Yet somehow the film's many parts never manage to cohere into a satisfying whole.
    • Ward knelt and flicked the latches on his guitar case with two satisfying clicks.
    • The key to a successful revenge film is a viscerally satisfying ending.
    • The parade of cardboard characters with implausible motives makes for a less than satisfying read.
    • Being artsy, it appears, takes precedence over being satisfying.
  • 2

    (meal) que llena
    (meal) que deja satisfecho
    sandwiches aren't as satisfying as a meal los sándwiches no llenan / no dejan tan satisfecho como una comida