There are 2 main translations of save in Spanish

: save1save2


salvar, v.

Pronunciation /seɪv/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(rescue, preserve)

      to save sth/sb from sth/-ing salvar algo/a algn de algo/ + inf

      • to save sb from defeat/disaster
      • you saved me from drowning/falling
      • you saved me from making a fool of myself
      • to save sb from herself/himself
      • God save the King/Queen!
      • save it!
      new investment could save 500 jobs una nueva inversión podría salvar 500 puestos de trabajo
      • she wants to save her reputation/marriage quiere salvar su reputación/matrimonio
      • rescue workers saved 20 people from the burning house los trabajadores del servicio de salvamento rescataron a 20 personas del incendio
      • He saves his arm strength and uses his horse's speed and power to inflict the deep wounds and deathblows.
      • I must agree in order to save the rest of my strength.
      • To save one's own strength, to defend oneself by sleight of body while drawing from one's opponent all his strength: this is the art of Ju-jitsu.
      • She saved all her strength to kiss him, before fainting.
      • A door creaked and I managed to elbow Audrey, using the ounce of strength I had saved up for the most critical moment.
      • Jill had half a mind to tell him this was irresponsible; however, she decided that it would be better if he saved what strength he has.
      • The children's flick will feature Jackie as a pirate ghost who hobnobs with a little boy and his friends to save their town from danger.
      • Finally, we were saved by a rescue team and they were nice enough to give us a new motor.
      • My husband assures me that my moves will probably save me from any danger, so intimidating, he says, is the sight of me doing the African dance.
      • She let out a terrified scream and threw herself at the crowd of toddlers, her only thought to save them from danger.
      • It falls upon the shoulders of Ryan and Alex to save the city and rescue Ryan's girlfriend.
      • Then, when something goes amiss on Christmas Eve, he gets an opportunity to rescue Santa and save the holiday.
      • Many women believe that it is their duty to accept, tolerate and excuse conditions and experiences that place them in danger so they can save a relationship.
      • All I know is that, somehow, he knew I was in danger and saved me from being crushed under a falling chandalier.
      • In the end, only the intervention of an anonymous third party saved the man from harm at the hands of the impassioned crowd.
      • He had put himself in danger to save her in Bulgaria.
      • More than 130 yachtsmen were saved in a dramatic combined rescue operation costing more than half a million pounds.
      • At least rescue teams should be mounted to save the turtles.
      • This slowed progress and construction and probably helped save southern brownstones for posterity.
      • It's a way for all of us to help save the California Coast.
      • They were asked to come up with designs that not only help save the planet but do it affordably, while also addressing the social needs of the inhabitants.
      • One of his Ethiopian concubines saves him from a forest fire by carrying his huge bulk on her back.
      • The Prince makes it his business to protect the captain as he thinks he will save his people from colonial rule.
      • Along the way, he stops to save a damsel in distress, Megara.
      • At first, it looks like a trip into sword and sorcery territory when our heroes end up in a forest just in time to save a fair maiden from an evil wizard.
      • She is thereafter the traditional damsel in distress and it would appear that her ‘femaleness’ is what prevents her from saving herself.

    • 1.2(redeem)

      (soul/sinner) salvar
      (soul/sinner) redimir
      • Whoever converts a sinner from error saves his soul from damnation.
      • My favourite reactions I received were of the religious type, attempting to open my eyes to a Godly world and save my soul from damnation.
      • Evangelical Christians have traditionally taught that everyone who wants to be saved must accept Jesus Christ as saviour.
      • He knew he was dying and that soon his wife, Myra, would once again be wearing her widow's weeds and that his children and grandchildren would be praying for his soul to be saved.
      • He believed that it was impossible to know whose souls would ultimately be saved, and that it was entirely possible for those of the clergy and the Pope not to be among them.
      • He told her that he believed that you can only be saved through Jesus Christ.
      • I don't buy into it, mainly because I don't believe I have a soul to be saved.
      • If God did exist, why would he save your pathetic undeserving soul?
      • The fear of going to Hell was very real and people were told that only the Catholic Church could save your soul so that you could go to Heaven.
      • Every soul can be saved, and everyone is capable of redemption.
      • Smethurst returned convinced that thousands of souls could be saved if others went on similar journeys.
      • It was then the task of the converted to go amongst other sinners, wherever they might be found, and crusade to save souls.
      • The idea came to me that I ought to be a preacher and help to save souls.
      • Early missionaries had been ordained ministers eager to save souls.
      • At an execution, a defendant in the Puritan colonies was expected to confess, and thus to save his soul.
      • In effect, the letter explains that, despite the fact that she would lose her friends and any respect due to her because of her action, she converted because it was the only thing she could do to save her soul.
      • Luther's main complaint against the Catholic Church was that it was supporting a system that left sinners in sin - and this was the institution that was meant to save lost souls!
      • It will not save my daughters life but it will save her soul.
      • The preacher told him that a man had to believe that Christ was this sacrifice for his sins, and to repent and ask God to save his soul.

  • 2

    • 2.1(be economical with)

      (money/fuel/space) ahorrar
      it saves (me) a lot of time/work (me) ahorra mucho tiempo/trabajo
      • you can save a lot of money buying a season ticket se ahorra mucho dinero comprando un abono
      • By September 1889, debt-free and resolved to save money for the future, Boyle proposed marriage for the first time in his life.
      • If we had rented during those first five years of marriage, we would never have been able to save enough money to make that purchase.
      • It'd be cool to be able to save up for something nice, like a nice ride - something I could be proud of.
      • I cannot save money for my or my children's future, and every month bankruptcy looms.
      • My daughter has started her first part-time job, working in a grocery store, so she can save enough money to buy a car.
      • The usual path was to begin work in the furnaces or mines, save a little money, and start a small grocery store selling vegetables often grown in their own gardens.
      • Well, in the near future I want to save up some money and then change to working part-time so I can do an interior design course through correspondence.
      • Luckily, the father had saved some money which the family would be able to live off of for about a year.
      • He had saved money and paid a large deposit on a house.
      • That same year, my mom saved enough money to rent an apartment again.
      • As the couple made plans for the wedding, each had to be specific about his or her financial situation in order to save enough money for their glorious wedding.
      • The advisors will be advising students to draw their entitlement each week but to save some money regularly to meet unexpected expenses.
      • Until 1988 there was no other way for Andrew and millions of others to save up for a pension.
      • She says that she's going to have to save up for quite a while to pay for her dream wedding.
      • Whether you are frugal by choice or by necessity, here are some tips for saving money when money is very tight.
      • He lived homeless in Los Angeles for two years before saving enough money to rent a studio.
      • The big firms were perceived as either corrupt or incompetent - and certainly not interested in helping the common man save a few bucks.
      • When the mine stopped production Cottrell had saved enough to make a down payment of £45 for a farming block.
      • The priority for my parents was to save money - not to spend it.
      • Tokyo hopes that its low interest rates make it less attractive to save money, and easier to borrow money for spending.

    • 2.2(spare, avoid)

      (trouble/expense/embarrassment) ahorrar
      (trouble/expense/embarrassment) evitar
      to save (sb) sth/-ing
      • she recorded the lecture to save having to take notes
      • drip-drying the shirts saves ironing them
      • it will save you a journey / your having to make another journey
      these machines save labor estas máquinas ahorran trabajo
      • Thousands of families would have been saved their tears, their sorrow and the grief they are experiencing this very moment.
      • It also saved her family the daily washing machine wear and tear, increased water use and the chore of washing and drying nappies regularly.
      • Little white lies could save someone's feelings and prevent them from having to face bitter truths.
      • I hope that these rules can save you my heartache and catapult you to the top of the leaderboard!
      • Avoiding those blunders can save you a lot of grief.
      • I mean, if she knew she was bearing a son that would end up like that, why not kill him and save the people the trouble of suffering under his rule?
      • This can save you trouble, prevent costly repairs and prolong the life of your roof.
      • She walked down the alley that saved her a 10-minute walk but then stopped halfway down.
      • It was regarded as an economy measure as it saved paying for visits to the dentist.

  • 3

    • 3.1(keep, put aside)

      (money) ahorrar
      we've saved $5,000 so far hasta ahora hemos ahorrado 5.000 dólares
      • don't eat it now; save it for later no te lo comas ahora; déjalo para luego
      • save a slice for me, save me a slice guárdame un trozo
      • I'm saving this dress for best este vestido lo reservo para las ocasiones especiales
      • save my place guárdame el sitio
      • save me some space at the bottom of the page déjame sitio al final de la página
      • I'm saving the tokens colecciono / estoy juntando los vales
      • to save one's energy/strength guardarse las energías/las fuerzas
      • to save sth till (the) last dejar algo para el final

    • 3.2Computing

      • Client data would normally be saved onto corporate servers rather than desktops but the company is refusing to take any chances.
      • If you are trying to download some file, it will be automatically saved to your desktop.
      • Choose between bitmap or JPEG file formats when saving screenshots to the hard drive.
      • Similarly, if the web site contains text, the text is downloaded and saved to your computer.
      • Very few end users want to take the time or effort to decide which files to delete, so they save everything.

  • 4

    (shot/penalty) detener
    (shot/penalty) salvar
    • The keeper dives, and the shot gets saved, or it drops into the back of the net, the fans sigh or groan on cue, and the game goes on.
    • But his shot was saved by the keeper.
    • McDonald did have a chance for Villa but his shot was well saved by keeper Hardy.
    • Rossiter's first attempt was well saved by goalkeeper Burke but the kicker stabbed home the rebound.
    • Paul Wright was unfortunate that his downward header was saved brilliantly by McCulloch.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(put money aside)


    • 1.2(economize)

      to save on sth ahorrar algo

      • to save on fuel

  • 2

  • 3

    • 3.1 informal (wait)

      (work/task/news) esperar
      will it save for a few days? ¿puede esperar unos días?

    • 3.2US (keep)

      (food) aguantar informal


  • 1

    parada feminine
    to make a save hacer una parada
    • The Brookes keeper performs an acrobatic save to keep Oxford off the score sheet in what was a disappointing game for the home team
    • Within 14 minutes third choice goalkeeper Mark Salter had not only made three tough saves but had also watched a near own goal by Anthony Doeh.
    • Goalkeeper Michele Gademans also played an important role, making four solid saves to shutout the other team and ensure the Clan a spot at the National Championships.
    • Three times Dudzinski made excellent saves to spare his side from further embarrassment, including one acrobatic tip over the bar.
    • The Liverpool goalie, jumping about like a human whirlwind, made two great saves and suddenly Liverpool were champions again.

There are 2 main translations of save in Spanish

: save1save2


salvo, prep


  • 1also save for

    (apart from)
    con excepción de
  • 2save for

    (if it were not for)
    he would have died, save for the fact that … se habría muerto, si no hubiera sido porque … / de no haber sido porque …


  • 1

    save that de no haber sido porque
    • The audience is seated in a theatre pitch black save the glow of six individual light boxes, each containing a fluoro rod, sitting on the floor of the stage.
    • But otherwise, what we say is subject to no regulation save our own sensibilities.
    • Raw materials and processes are simply drained of all value save monetary value.
    • All in the party senior leadership save his closest guerilla comrades were purged.
    • The estate of Demosthenes' father was almost unique in containing, at his death, no real property save the family house.
    • Her dark hair flowed over round shoulders onto a daring red dress, no ornamentations detracting from her natural beauty save a delicate gold locket.
    • But Hesselius' fear of all of the religions in Pennsylvania save his own appears a little irrational even by the standards of the day.
    • Now, however, the vast lobby is eerily silent save a single discordant chord struck repeatedly by a piano tuner.
    • Back came the speech with no word save a notation that one of the sentences ended with a preposition, and an indication where the error should be eliminated.
    • The grapes are grown in sun traps beneath the two impressive crags of Solutré and Vergisson which mark the end of the limestone plateau on which all burgundy save the Beaujolais is grown.
    • This accounted for every inhabitant of the town save one.
    • It was pitch black save the few lights in the square.
    • He made no sound save a slight hissing intake of breath.
    • The festivities were paused - all were seated and silent save a single man, who stood at the floor's centre.