Translation of savvy in Spanish:


sentido común, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsævi/ /ˈsavi/

See Spanish definition of espabilado


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    sentido común masculine
    where's your savvy? ¿dónde está tu sentido común?
    • you need a bit of technical savvy for this job se necesita un poco de habilidad técnica para este trabajo
    • Without a college degree, this son of a single parent built a real estate empire with tremendous fortitude, business and political savvy, and a healthy dose of kismet.
    • Jackson's political clout and business savvy made the deal happen.
    • It takes business acumen, marketing savvy, graphic-arts talent, and a clear understanding of what the customer sees from the other side of the screen.
    • It also requires business savvy, a subject that isn't covered in most professional schools.
    • Along with their technical skills, these researchers possess unusual business and media savvy, say their peers.
    • But with 8,000 partners, identifying those with the necessary business savvy and relationship-building skills isn't easy.
    • Alongside good looks and maybe talent, a little business savvy never hurt anyone trying to get somewhere in the music industry.
    • But since the politics surrounding lay-offs are complex, it takes solid business training and legal savvy to advise managers well, according to those involved.
    • At only 17, he has amassed a private fortune with his business savvy, founded, like Uma's success, on his linguistic flexibility.
    • He says those failures occur because many independent labels are artist driven and therefore don't bring much business savvy to their partnerships.
    • You must possess a unique blend of business and technical savvy; a big-picture vision, and the drive to make that vision a reality.
    • His business savvy meant he took risks in the technology, telecoms, internet, hotels and construction, retail and automobile sector.
    • No one should underestimate Malone's drive or business savvy.
    • She began showing her business savvy in the seventh grade.
    • Some question whether government entities have the technological or business savvy to move quickly into the Internet Age.
    • Key to the success of this young firm has been the technical and business savvy of the four partners.
    • After taking on this user interface project, I'm a lot more insightful about design issues and, well, rather humbled by the amount of design savvy I have yet to gain.
    • In this way you can combine the academic experience you gained in your degree with the street savvy you gain on the job and, hopefully, your confidence will grow.
    • The perioperative environment is becoming more complex, and its leaders need to possess some business savvy and be clinically astute.
    • This examination can develop children's aesthetic awareness and media savvy and help them become more careful and literate readers of media.

adjective savvier, savviest

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    espabilado informal
    despabilado informal
    • I've had this question asked of me more than any other over the past couple of years - interestingly enough, mostly by industry veterans and savvy players who know the ropes.
    • Many of our informants, from novice Internet users to tech savvy veterans, emphasized how important it is to have an easily navigable Web site.
    • I had tried to be the woman I thought you wanted - a savvy street lawyer who fought tooth and nail for our clients - and still you rejected me.
    • Critical to that strategy is our development as savvy consumers and smart investors.
    • Behind every brilliant best-selling author is usually a perceptive, savvy publisher.
    • They talked about how media savvy he was and how devoted he was to young people.
    • Her first three albums were surprisingly enjoyable, largely due to savvy producers who surrounded her lightweight voice with killer beats and memorable hooks.
    • It was the endgame that I wasn't savvy enough to win.
    • These days savvy operators are using creative appetizers, innovative drink menus and electronic entertainment to draw patrons during hours when business is traditionally slow.
    • We are all so media savvy these days that there won't be anybody reading this who isn't familiar with the rags-to-riches-and-back-again story.
    • It's clear now that savvy foreign investors won't be tempted by such headache-prone deals.
    • Faced with such arrogance is it any wonder that savvy consumers are switching to screw caps?
    • I couldn't believe the guy, all he talked about was how rich, successful, smart and savvy he was.
    • Technology today offers savvy business executives increasingly intelligent ways of cutting costs and automating business processes.
    • The first tier consists of councils in large cities, such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, which she said are IT savvy and have used the funding they received well.
    • I mean, I don't agree with a lot of what they say, but they usually are media savvy.
    • Frank, if you are so savvy yourself, why not read the Bible?
    • Also, the more technically savvy a participating business is, the easier it is to continue to keep up-to-date with technologies.
    • Most are very knowledgeable and savvy about business and know how to cut a deal.
    • But Camilla wasn't always this business savvy.

intransitive verb

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    I don't want you around, savvy? no quiero verte por aquí ¿entiendes? / ¿entendido?