Translation of scant in Spanish:


escaso, adj.

Pronunciation /skænt/ /skant/

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  • 1

    a subject which has received scant attention un tema que ha recibido escasa atención
    • This mainstream inward-investment effort paid scant attention to financial services or any other part of the non-manufacturing side of business.
    • So far they've paid scant attention to the rebel's scheme.
    • But of course it's there in the small print, and it's paid scant attention to.
    • Concern has particularly arisen in view of younger men having paid scant attention to the richness of their culture.
    • With scant regard for human life or political consequences, employing violence as their sole instrument of persuasion, they slaughtered innocent people indiscriminately.
    • You adapted the monarchy successfully to the modern world - and that has been a challenge because it is a world that can pay scant regard to tradition and often values passing fashions above enduring faith.
    • The ball was pumped high and handsome from end to end, with scant regard for skill or teamwork, and this took place in perfect conditions on a summer's evening that appeared to be made for football.
    • You chose to use the motorway with scant regard for others, for your own purposes and your own enjoyment, and that is a crime in itself.
    • I live in the Bingley area where a scant amount of my council tax is spent (be it only on my dustbin being emptied).
    • The relatively scant amount of English written law is due not to wars and problems of documentary survival, but to its distance from post-Roman legal culture.
    • Still, with just this scant amount of evidence, that one news source made it sound like your car might be vulnerable to viruses passed on from passing cars.
    • In the scant amount of light from the street lights, I was able to make out his face, not exactly clearly, but enough to know who it was.
    • There is a scant amount of data available, severely limiting the kinds of conclusions one can draw.
    • He didn't put ads on the site and used a scant amount of donations to pay for the server.
    • Dismissing cochlear implants as risky, very expensive and of limited achievement does scant justice to their proven value.
    • Sometimes, she relied on her live-in boyfriend, the father of her last child, to provide for the household but his scant contribution was hardly enough to pay the rent and put food on the table.
    • Various military commanders were sent to the troubled colony, but they were given limited resources and scant encouragement from home.
    • Before, scant data existed on the quantity of fluoride in the national food supply and, therefore, on our overall dietary fluoride consumption.
    • And scant evidence suggests DDT gets into the environment in significant amounts when sprayed indoors.
    • The limited information provided on this test was scant and imprecise, and I found it of no assistance.
  • 2

    (mere, bare)
    a scant six or seven minutes seis o siete minutos escasos
    • it happened a scant decade ago pasó hace escasamente una década
    • a scant cup of flour una taza escasa de harina
    • At 16 years old and a scant 118 pounds, Swan was a stick figure, to say the least.
    • Hardly wearing out its welcome at a scant 50 minutes, the feature is accompanied by the shorts Intent, Strap 'Em Down!