Translation of scattershot in Spanish:


amplio y disperso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈskædərˌʃɑt/ /ˈskatəʃɒt/


  • 1

    (before noun) amplio y disperso
    • While you want broad exposure, what you cannot do is have a scattershot approach to your public relations campaign.
    • This isn't a traditional three act film, and the lack of warmth and scattershot nature of the story does get a little tedious at times.
    • Despite powerful evidence that such a system would be a boon to law enforcement, the NRA has adopted a scattershot, drive-by-shooting approach to mowing down the idea.
    • So far, charter schools have brought to California a scattershot of educational options that have undeniably benefited certain clienteles in certain places.
    • While Heart's depiction of war as eternal is effective, the play is so unfocused and scattershot that its power to raise our indignation is diminished.
    • The energy here isn't ecstatic so much as scattershot.
    • Decades of fire suppression and scattershot suburban development have created a tinderbox and now you have seen the results.
    • But it's a scattershot effort, abandoned as soon as big fires break out.
    • This slim little volume has its moments but is ultimately too slight, scattershot, and self-indulgent.
    • Literature concerning photography by Africans remains scattershot and largely insubstantial.
    • He's right, but these kinds of pointed attacks have been scattershot.
    • But that kind of scattershot approach was almost nowhere in evidence in Boston.
    • In the end, the film might be a little too scattershot to qualify as a great comedy.
    • Far from marking any new direction, it is a retrospective, scattershot double CD of unreleased tracks, alternate mixes and rare B-sides.
    • Those without a clue about the basis for the movie will simply be baffled as to why it was made, and why the story had to be told in such a scattershot fashion.
    • The real beauty of the system is how it standardizes previously scattershot methods of collecting and storing data.
    • His list of dying technologies is very scattershot.
    • His political beliefs are covered in a piecemeal, scattershot fashion that will be frustrating to fans and foes alike.
    • We would never want to do scattershot acquisitions and then have to think up strategies to justify them.
    • Even in his most scattershot moments, Bhansali gives us something stunning to look at.