Translation of scenario in Spanish:


guion, n.

Pronunciation /səˈnɛriˌoʊ/ /sɪˈnɑːrɪəʊ/

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nounplural scenarios

  • 1

    Cinema Television
    guion masculine
    • He entered the film industry taking small-part roles and writing scenarios for the London Film Company.
    • This at least saves me trying to comprehend how anybody could write such abysmal dialogue, characters, and plot scenarios.
    • Imagine being able to create scenarios instead of linear plot threads, world environments instead of single scenes.
    • We engaged Joan as director, and my other sister wrote the scenario.
    • It is in fact easy to imagine an adult film scenario based on Celanire's adventures.
    • It sounds like the opening line to a Jean-Pierre Melville scenario and the film has a similar starkness to it.
    • I have also written scenarios and turned a camera - but my own ambition has always been to produce.
    • The scenario is hardly novel, but, in the early stages at least, the telling satisfies.
    • Maintaining a connection to the artificiality of cinema, Lewis hires actors and creates scenarios for all his films.
    • The dilemma this raises can only be solved by a science-fiction scenario as daring as Shelley's in her novel.
    • Elvidge also dismisses the nightmare scenarios of films such as The Terminator in which machines come to dominate their masters.
    • The film shows different scenarios of bullying and how the victim turns to their mentor for support.
    • While there is no off-the-shelf method for writing scenarios, we later provide some rules of thumb or guidelines for this activity.
    • From the beginning, Edwards explored new territory in British cinema, particularly in films based on his own original scenarios.
    • In 1998, Antonio Simon shot one of Luis Bunuel's old scenarios, La Novia de Medianoche.
    • I wonder if there are any viable scenarios left for a cross-dressing film?
    • The acting in the films seems totally free and uninhibited, yet the scenarios are often quite strict.
    • What did you start filming with if you didn't have a finished scenario?
    • He had written a ballet scenario, and Peter Anastos was creating the choreography.
    • In the hands of a lesser writer, such a scenario might have smacked drearily of one of those worthy social docu-dramas.
  • 2

    (of future)
    perspectiva feminine
    panorama masculine
    escenario masculine
    she outlined the best-/worst-case scenario esbozó el mejor/peor de los panoramas
    • Rather it postulates possible future scenarios without making any assessment of the likelihood that any one scenario will occur.
    • In any event, this scenario is simply not possible with this democracy and civil society will not accept it.
    • Worst case scenarios predict that hundreds of thousands of Balinese who depend on the tourism sector could lose their livelihood.
    • This scenario postulates the emergence of an expansionist power with global reach.
    • While these risks are hard to quantify, it is clear that the mechanisms and resources needed to respond to worst case scenarios are not in place.
    • They said a worst-case scenario could see it continue on even longer.
    • Discussions about new technology, drugs, health or the environment invariably focus on worst-case scenarios.
    • It is possible to discuss scenarios but foolish to make predictions.
    • This is far from being the case, with endless possible scenarios being played out in Washington.
    • Although it is not known what went wrong in the latest case, there are a number of possible scenarios.
    • SAS units are currently on standby in London in case such a scenario develops.
    • This is in agreement with a style of making decisions in regard to appraisals based on the worst case scenarios.
    • The goal of the meeting was to try to predict the worst-case scenarios, and to make plans to deal with each.
    • There are also other possible contingent scenarios that may limit scalar switchability.
    • In worst case scenarios, he says that there will always be some way to get access to old data, though it may be costly.
    • In the end, of course, it appears that the worst of all possible scenarios emerged.
    • Whatever those undesirable outcomes, there will exist logical scenarios triggered by initiating events.
    • The three scenarios include a best-case situation, a middle-case and a doomsday scenario.
    • Even in the best case scenarios, foreign money would come when the Russian economy would be on her feet, but not before.
    • Analysts say three possible scenarios now exist for B.C. Reform.
    • Arguably, only a masterful scholar could have convinced so many people to accept such an unlikely scenario.
    • The next two years brought surveys predicting scary scenarios of doctor shortages.
    • People with paranoid disorders are often highly intelligent and can create complex scenarios about how and why they are being persecuted.