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Pronunciation /sin/ /siːn/

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    • 1.1(place)

      Golden Square, the scene of violent demonstrations Golden Square, escenario de violentas manifestaciones
      • the scene of the crime la escena / el lugar del crimen
      • the police were on the scene within minutes la policía llegó al lugar de los hechos en pocos minutos
      • They were the first people on the scene after the incident.
      • The emergency services were quickly on the scene including a special incident unit from the fire brigade.
      • The equipment will therefore be used at the scene of any major incident, such as road or rail crashes involving many injured people.
      • Police officers will issue the leaflet at the scene of an incident to victims of road collisions.
      • Police were also on the scene to carry out their own investigations about the alleged incident.
      • We'll hear from reporters on the scene in Iraq's capital city and a lot more.
      • A CNN reporter, she is on the scene at the site of the search for the missing girl.
      • Rescue workers were on the scene in the Alpine town of Bramberg working to free eight people trapped in the wreckage.
      • Police were quickly on the scene when the day centre's alarm went off at 12.30 pm on Sunday.
      • The air ambulance, which was already in the area, was first on the scene and landed on the road after police closed it off.
      • Despite the relative isolation of the area, around a dozen neighbours were quickly on the scene after the alarm was raised.
      • Officers also received a call from a member of the public who spotted the youths fleeing the crime scene.
      • The driver of the bus fled the scene of the accident.
      • The driver of the Sierra was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.
      • As part of the operation a squad car will patrol Southend centre and west of the town to get to the scene of street robberies within minutes.
      • The student at the university lives in a street overlooking the scene of the shooting.
      • The estate, located on the main Kilkenny road out of the town, was the scene of a crash the week after Christmas.
      • A controversial town centre pub, which has been the scene of three shootings, wants to extend its opening hours.
      • Earlier this summer city centre nightclubs were the scene of two gangland-style drive-by shootings involving handguns.

    • 1.2(view, situation)

      escena feminine
      she paints country scenes pinta escenas campestres
      • scenes from everyday life escenas de la vida cotidiana
      • He specialises in watercolours - finely-observed landscapes and street scenes in soft, pastel colours.
      • Locals will recognise street scenes from Tralee and landscapes from various local beauty spots.
      • The posters depicted rolling stock, landscapes and other scenes including Blackpool, the Garrick Theatre in Southport and Brixham harbour in south Devon.
      • The collection includes landscapes and urban scenes and the paintings are mainly acrylic on stretched box canvas.
      • Lucy demonstrated great skill in her selection and application of colour to create landscape and water scenes.
      • It depicts a beach scene outside The Hague with a boat setting off into a stormy sea.
      • This event will consist of an exhibition of paintings of relevance to the conference, especially landscape and rural scenes, a poetry reading and music.
      • Fame and prosperity were just around the corner, although both depended on Monet painting landscapes and scenes that would appeal to buyers in the bourgeois market.
      • In recent years he has had three trips to Europe, and now a greater proportion of his paintings features scenes outside New Zealand.
      • He achieved third place for his landscapes of woodland scenes.
      • The video begins as Hass records the night scene outside her Ramallah home.
      • This photograph depicts the scene outside a house in Cherrygrove, Portlaoise.
      • Appropriate subject matter for art could include pastoral scenes, landscapes, florals or anything else that is calming and appealing.
      • Park did not want to be a painter, though today he produces interior scenes and landscapes mostly populated with anthropomorphic animals.
      • In 1952 he settled permanently in Santa Fe in New Mexico and spent the rest of his life painting landscapes and scenes from New Mexico.
      • His murals, landscapes, and scenes of village life capture what it is to be St Lucian.
      • The setting is a suburban scene of single-family houses, wide lawns and lush trees.
      • Croke Park was the scene of great colour all over with over 82,000 people.
      • The winter scene of the old farm is in a unique solid white frame as is the family photo.
      • She picked the notebook up and flipped through it, finding various pictures of nature scenes and mythical beings and such.
      • The town centre is a scene of devastation, with the city theatre and other buildings burned out.
      • After fully examining the scene of utter chaos, Dizante came over to us and sat down as well.
      • Several lorries then ploughed into the wreckage as the motorway was turned into a scene of chaos as cars and lorries collided with each other.
      • The officer said the roundabout was a scene of utter confusion.
      • When Pitch scrambled through the opening, he found himself 40 feet above the worst scene of devastation imaginable.
      • The village centre is once again the scene of chaos as the roads are being dug up, filled in and tarmaced over.
      • At the bottom, in what was a shopping centre, a scene of horror awaited him.
      • He described chaotic scenes at airports on the islands.
      • Locations chosen had high numbers of speeding-related accidents and were the scenes of tragedy.
      • For some time the region was the scene of struggles between Bulgarians, Romans and Byzantines.
      • Set against the American Civil War, this city was the scene of another kind of slavery and subjugation.
      • When we arrived on Wednesday afternoon we witnessed scenes of almost indescribable devastation.
      • She returned to the family home at 2 am to be greeted by the scenes of devastation.
      • His wife was seven months pregnant as she watched the horrific scenes unfold on television in London.
      • There were wonderful scenes of jubilation in Ballycroy on Sunday night, March 28.
      • But none compared with the unforgettable scenes of jubilation witnessed on Saturday evening.
      • In its many scenes of devastation, the script shows intransigence on both sides.
      • The scene of carnage was described by one onlooker as " sheer hell".

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    (in play, book etc)
    escena feminine
    Act One, Scene Three acto primero, escena tercera
    • the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet la escena del balcón en Romeo y Julieta
    • There was only really one fault with this production, the change from scene three to four.
    • I sat aghast as I watched the worst sex scenes ever filmed with some of the ugliest camera-work that I have ever seen.
    • The fight sequences and the main scenes have been filmed and only the songs are yet to be shot.
    • The cameraman would film the scene and take the shot back to the laboratory to check it and then he would re-shoot it again.
    • Disc two is a collection of behind-the-scenes footage, out-takes, and deleted scenes from this controversial film.
    • There are also storyboarded sequences for several scenes that did not make it into the finished film.
    • How awkward is it for actors to film love scenes?
    • Why doesn't he film nude sex scenes?
    • Next up are nearly 19-minutes of deleted scenes from the film.
    • The opening scene is set in the 1950s.
    • The opening scene depicts Detroit as a city of smoke and industry, car manufacture, and boarded-up buildings.
    • The novel's last scene shows this beautifully, and horribly.
    • A short scene of interracial romance between two characters in one of the flashbacks was surprising, too.
    • The film, which is a narrative of what happened during the riots, does not have any scenes of violence.
    • The film begins with a scene to introduce each couple, then sticks them all together for the middle, ending with three more scenes to conclude each couple's story.
    • I signed a contract beforehand, which clearly spelt out the number and nature of scenes I'd have to do.
    • And at the end of the opera, the death scene is a faithful recreation of the state execution.
    • They shoot several more scenes in the grandstands outside.
    • Hackman meant, I believe, that no great dialogue scenes are shot outside.
    • In the final scene, the representative tried to ensure future contacts.
    • Similarly, Loach avoids the use of background music to heighten the emotion of a scene.
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    (stage setting)
    decorado masculine
    scene change cambio de decorado
    • Students learn about the Adler technique, voice and speech, movement, scene study and Shakespeare.
    • Schimmelpfennig's script offers no scene descriptions or stage directions, only dialogue.
    • Indeed, innovation in scene painting is associated with Sophocles, albeit in a passage of Aristotle which may be interpolated.
    • He keeps the tension high, though many of the props marking scene changes are superfluous.
    • Greig says Pyrenees is an actor-friendly piece of work, with no constant scene changes, no running on and off.
    • The stage set, with its numerous moving parts, will allow Master of the Sword to be performed without any breaks for scene changes.
    • The sound effect cue for that scene change is a series of camera clicks, as if many photographers are taking photos.
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    (fuss, row)
    escena feminine
    to make / create a scene hacer una escena
    • I hate scenes odio las escenas en público
    • She didn't do anything as she didn't want to make a scene in front of the media, shattering her public image.
    • If you have to complain write to the airline and don't make a scene at the counter…
    • Our guide encourages us not to make a scene, but rather to pay the money and forget about it.
    • They were beginning to make a scene, and Kayleigh saw some uncertain security guards approaching.
    • I could feel tears welling up in my eyes and I didn't want to make a scene.
    • I knew he didn't like the smoke either, but he didn't want me to make a scene.
    • The woman was practically spitting, although she was trying her best not to make a scene.
    • I was crying and Peter picked me up and took me out the back door of the club so I wouldn't make a scene.
    • She hesitated a second, wondering if Drake would yell at her or make a scene in front of the crew.
    • She shook her head gently at Angus, warning him not to make a scene.
    • I would have fallen on my knees and make a scene just to embarrass him, but it would have made me look like a complete idiot.
    • I had learned a few things, but I really didn't want to make a scene right now.
    • Although I felt a sudden temptation to slap her pretty face, I was too tired to make a scene right now.
    • Kayla yelped in shock and embarrassment at the scene they were displaying to innocent bystanders.
    • It is difficult for women to retaliate in public without creating a scene and inviting stares when something like this happens.
    • The wrong problem at just the right time could cause a public scene and possibly prevent him from getting any acting jobs.
    • ‘I saw you,’ he added, betting that she wouldn't attempt to deny it and cause a scene in public.
    • I only meant that it's awfully late to start an emotional scene - a lover's quarrel.
    • After our little scene outside this morning, Kai made me go with him back to his house.
    • His softly spoken admission reminded her of the scene in the hallway outside of his apartment.
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    ámbito masculine
    the political scene el ámbito político
    • the (gay) scene el ambiente (gay)
    • the Madrid scene la movida madrileña
    • the drug scene el mundo de la droga
    • The people he did business with were seriously linked to the Bay Area party scene in some way.
    • Suddenly we are surrounded with reminders of just how interesting the post-punk musical scene was.
    • We live a pretty low-key life - the party scene does not interest us.
    • She said that in the future BTU would expand its activities onto the international scene.
    • A jazz musician and film extra who has moved from Southend to South Lakeland has been plugging into the area's music scene.
    • It has elected Cuban Americans to Congress and has dominated the local political scene in the Miami area.
    • He built up a career as a planning barrister and maintained an active interest in the political scene.
    • First-rate duos are a rarity of sorts in today's indie scene.
    • He is a real advocate of citizen's political rights though, with no major changes in the political scenes.
    • A traditional Egyptian art weaves its way onto the fashion scene, driving economic change.
    • If that doesn't say something about the small-fry nature of our theatre scene, I don't know what does.
    • The political scene has changed dramatically, twice in one year.
    • The political scene in India has changed beyond recognition since my return.
    • The party scene is starting to pick up here again, so let's go back a bit and hit on some of our city's happenings.
    • Having lived in Shanghai for four years, he has noticed changes in the drinking scene.
    • China's economic and political scenes have been quite good after new leaders took over in Beijing.
    • Outside of the fishing scene there has not been much happening around us.
    • One way of bringing in new income is by promoting the company in the wider community outside the arts scene.
    • Drawing in audiences from far outside the folk scene, does she still consider herself a folk artist or just an artist?
    • The package represents the folk scene in all its diversity, from cult figures to uneasy fusion-flavoured outfits.