Translation of scenic in Spanish:


pintoresco, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsinɪk/ /ˈsiːnɪk/

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    (drive/road/view) pintoresco
    • After a full day of absorbing the scenic views of the beautiful outside creations, can you imagine coming home to bare walls at each corner?
    • This is the by far most beautiful and scenic of the popular routes.
    • This is a beautiful part of the mountains with some lovely scenic views.
    • As is commonplace in this region of the county the surroundings are the main attraction with scenic views and a quiet country lifestyle on offer.
    • Kauai delivers breathtaking scenic views and a world of phenomenal sights.
    • The walk will be suitable for all age groups and will be a pleasant afternoons activity taking in some lovely scenic views.
    • The doctor's home, a two-bedroom ranch-style house, is located high above a scenic lagoon with a beautiful view of the ocean.
    • Her first impressions on arrival was the scenic beauty, the lovely animals and the freshness of the air.
    • Please keep our town, and our beautiful scenic environment tidy, and litter free.
    • Both groups defended the decision to grant permission, both arguing that the view of the turbines from scenic routes would be limited.
    • Those who ventured outside the convention halls to enjoy the warm weather and the view of Vancouver's scenic waterfront heard the drums.
    • The beautiful building, scenic surroundings, and superior staff will make you feel like royalty, living in a real palace.
    • The scenic route gives a picturesque view of the whole of North Kerry and West Limerick as well as a close look at the Clare coastline.
    • The walk will cover some of the most scenic coastal routes around Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope.
    • The trekking routes will cover some of the most scenic spots on the Western Ghats.
    • Enjoying Bulgaria's natural scenic beauty, she takes every opportunity to explore it and to record it in photographs.
    • The Garden route is one of the country's most scenic drives.
    • We did take the more scenic route, and it took about an hour each way.
    • There's a really great scenic overlook near here.
    • He could not have picked a better or more scenic location.
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    Cinema Theatre
    (shot/backdrop) panorámico
    • After moving to Calgary in 1976, she found her way into theatre first as a props builder, then as a scenic artist.
    • He currently teaches theatrical scenic design at the Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland.
    • Beyond the proscenium arch was the scenic stage, which featured three tiers of movable shutters and their corresponding tiers of masking wings.
    • Also laudable were the sets and puppets designed by veteran scenic artist Carter and several others.
    • Mr Wathey, who started his career in 1942 as a scenic artist at Bradford's Alhambra theatre, set up an artist's studio with David Hockney in Bridlington.
    • She trained in theatre design at Bristol Old Vic and worked as a designer, scenic artist and prop-maker for 15 years.
    • It is hard to tell whether the four characters or the four chairs, the principal scenic element, are more involving.
    • He was an editor, cartoonist, film maker and scenic artist with ABC television before his solo exhibition with Watters Gallery in Sydney in 1966.
    • Students may also choose courses in stagecraft, lighting, scenic design, and costume construction.
    • Sir William Davenant rewrote the play to suit the tastes and concerns of Restoration audiences and the scenic possibilities of Restoration playhouses in 1664.
    • Later still, in Rome, sketches of low life performed by several actors with masks and scenic effects became so popular that they drove both tragedy and comedy from the stage.
    • Though she's known for her powerful sense of drama and has often deployed startling scenic effects as well as spoken text, Rain is a spectacle made from just a few materials.
    • It was first applied in the Theatre of Dionysus at Athens in the second half of the 5th century BC, when drama began to require more elaborate scenic arrangements.
    • Charming scenic effects aside, Bedford clearly decided that the standard costume was not appropriate for her.
    • By such reasoning a choreographer was on a level with an opera director or a scenic designer rather than an opera composer.
    • The company has also benefited from a new scenic designer who has worked in theatre and film.
    • The elimination of all but minimal stage props and scenic effects places the emphasis squarely on the actor and the word.
    • With very little means, Ulmer created some impressive scenic beauty, and even a few poetic visual effects.
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    (depicting scene)
    (photograph/painting) de un paisaje