Translation of scheming in Spanish:


intrigante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈskimɪŋ/ /ˈskiːmɪŋ/

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    (character/politician) intrigante
    (character/politician) maquinador
    that scheming woman is after his money esa intrigante solo quiere su dinero
    • his underhand scheming ways sus tejemanejes
    • She was planning, or rather scheming, in her children's lives.
    • When my friend told me about this aspect of the pre-interview my scheming humorist mind awakened like a sleeping giant.
    • They comply, but the scheming Lane has other plans.
    • In fact, it seems that the only people privy to the scheming duplicity of most of the contestants are the camera operators.
    • As a result of their scheming ways, the dastardly duo are clearly making enemies outside the house.
    • The play bounces from scheming romance to high-camp comedy, leaving the audience torn between giggling and nail-biting over this complicated love hexagon.
    • It's not everyday you see the grand thespian as a scheming womanizer who will stop short at nothing, save ‘a bit of crackling,’ to revive his stagnant career.
    • She isn't a scheming adulteress - she's too naive, too hopeful.
    • Alas, it is becoming as tiresomely cliched as all the others, with its share of scheming women.
    • In doing so, he must also outwit Francesca's scheming mother as well as her overweight fiancé, while schooling another admirer in the ways of love.
    • She will be the death us all if we do not beware of her scheming ways.
    • His scheming boss and mob underling, Sykes, demands that Oscar pay up the clams he has borrowed during his get-rich-quick schemes.
    • The game is designed to be fun to play and a lighthearted approach to being a evil scheming megalomaniac, so although there are many different ways of being evil, there is no slavery or genocide.
    • These are the people who make up the country, in his eyes, not the scheming gentry and generals who composed bourgeois nationalist parties.
    • A scheming killer, this creature would play with its toys until they expired, and enjoy every minute of it if they did not make each move with great care.
    • She had black glittering, scheming eyes and was very blunt.
    • Like the French Resistance, they're not taking it lying down, as they fight back with every scheming trick at their disposal.
    • Even with all her superstar diva qualities, she's too lightweight, too soft to portray a scheming seductress.
    • I was kidding myself; why would a sweet girl like Andrea want to be with a rebellious, scheming character like me?
    • Their own scheming behavior was equally if not more reprehensible.


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    maquinaciones feminine
    intrigas feminine